‘Real’ Housewife Kim Richards’ Fiance Was Brutally Murdered in 1991

It looks like Kim Richards‘ romantic past is a lot more dramatic than her Hollywood childhood acting and current reality stint, the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.’

For those of you who don’t know, in 1991 Richards had been engaged to then-29-year-old John J. Collett, a commodities salesman who was gunned down that same year at a deli in the San Fernando Valley for a possible business deal gone bad. It was Richards who had to identify his body, reports People.

“She loved him and he loved her and it was like a fairy tale,” Collett’s sister Nina Stormo reveals. “They seemed really happy.”

Collett’s mother, Jan Collett, adds: “It just tore her apart emotionally and she was not in good shape for a long time. She really loved John. They were a good match.”

Watch a clip from ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:’

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The gunman, Marva DeCarlo Johnson, was sentenced in 1993 for murder and given 30-years-to-life. Although prosecutors provided evidence that someone paid for the hit, the perpetrator was never found, nor the reason for Collett’s killing ever resolved.

Prior to his death, Collett worked for a business firm known for fraudulent investment dealings and was a defendant in a civil case brought on by California regulators. No connection has been proven between the lawsuit and murder.

Considering Kim’s unfortunate past, do you think it might partially explain her dolorous disposition? Does it change your perspective on her?

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