The Big Tease: Scoop On Glee, Criminal Minds, House and More!

'Criminal Minds' Shemar Moore, 'Glee's Mark Salling and 'House's Olivia Wilde (CBS/FOX)

'Criminal Minds' Shemar Moore, 'Glee's Mark Salling and 'House's Olivia Wilde (CBS/FOX)

Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send your questions. Here now the scoop!

Do you have any ‘Criminal Minds‘ scoop? – Diane
I happened to score an advanced look at this Wednesday’s episode, which guest-stars Robert Knepper (‘Prison Break’) and Sally Kirkland, and it is some pretty freakin’ far-out… er, stuff. (I’ll post my full Q&A with Knepper later.) The episode also lets slip a new – and rather cool – bit of info about one BAU agent’s extracurricular activities. That reveal in turn elicits interesting reactions from at least two colleagues.

Anything you can tell us about what is to come up for my favorite ‘Glee‘ gal, Quinn? I know you’re a big Dianna Agron fan. – Kristin
Me, a big Dianna Agron fan? Where, oh where, did you ever glean such info? As it happens, I am, so it is with great pleasure that I report that our girl will have much to do – a fun performance included – in a sectionals-centric episode set to air November 30.

With Mark Salling returning to ‘Glee’ this week, what kind of havoc can we expect Puck to cause? I suspect he is not going to like seeing Sam getting close to Quinn. – Alice
I have been assured that Puck returns in a big way this Tuesday, appearing in multiple performance numbers. I have also been told that he definitely has a reaction to the Quinn/Sam sitch. Stay tuned to see what it is.

Glee’s Jayma Mays Teases A ‘Pretty Shocking’ Twist For Emma

Amber Tamblyn is going to be on ‘House‘ for around 13 episodes? Interesting! – missquadros via Twitter
Very! And speaking of “thirteen,” that means she will likely overlap with Olivia Wilde when she returns from this-and-that movie shoot. “I hope that’s the case,” Amber told me. “My boyfriend is a friend of Olivia’s and he always talks about how lovely she is, so I think that’s what’s going to happen at the end of the season.”

Can you please, please, please, please give us some info about the Thanksgiving episode of ‘Life Unexpected‘? – Ashu
You’ve said please, now say thank you – to ‘LUX’ boss Liz Tigelaar, who gave the Tease this healthy portion of Turkey Day scoop: “The Thanksgiving episode rocks! It’s our first holiday episode and it involves almost our whole family and cast. It’s a great place where all our characters come together and all our stories ping-pong off each other. Many secrets get revealed, and this episode really propels us into the rest of the season.” Oh, I almost forgot the air date: Nov. 30!

Is it too late for a Big Tease Q? I need my ‘Cougar Town‘ fix. What happens right before the Christmas break? – Megabby via Twitter
Look at me, taking a question just minutes before posting – and only because I love me some ‘Modern Cougar Town.’ Just before the holidays, Ellie will dig up a rather incriminating videotape of Grayson, and it involves a childhood pageant… not necessarily intended for boys. Also, watch for Travis’ adoration of Laurie to start impairing his romance with Kristen.

Amber Tamblyn Talks Up ‘House’ Visit

Any chance we will see some romance blossoming in the winter episodes of ‘The Closer’? Particularly between Will Pope and Sharon Raydor? – Kelly
You can count on more romance, yes, but not ‘tween Pope and Raydor. Rather, it is Brenda and Fritz who seem poised for a very cozy Christmas….

JoAnna Garcia said on Twitter that Reba McEntire is going to be on her new show, ABC’s ‘Better With You.’ Do you have details? – Pauline
This reunion between Reba and her ‘Reba’ daughter is set to air November 17, when the country crooner guest stars as an elite wedding planner whose grand ideas will overwhelm Jo’s bride-to-be Mia.

Well, the second episode of ‘The Walking Dead‘ was as satisfying as the first. I am totally addicted now! – NatesMama1128 via Twitter
Episode 2 took some critical knocks for being a bit formulaic, but this coming Sunday’s entry makes up for any perceived shortcomings by serving up a surprisingly emotional reunion between Rick and wife Lori. (I say ‘surprisingly” only because we’ve known these people for, what, two weeks?) Alas, their unexpected blast of bliss is short-lived when the unlikeliest of individuals threatens to pull them apart in a damaging way.

AMC Renews ‘The Walking Dead’ For A Second Season

Do you happen to know why here in New York, ‘CSI: Miami‘ never came on this past Sunday? All other pre-empted shows aired, and then we got the news – JJFan18 via Twitter
On the rare occasion that CBS’ Sunday NFL coverage runs very late, ’60 Minutes’ and ‘Undercover Boss’ merely get pushed back, while ‘CSI: Miami’ gets dropped entirely for East Coast viewers. The good news: You can watch that “missing” episode right here on out site!

What can you tell me about Lauren Holly‘s role on ABC’s ‘Rookie Blue‘? – Ellen
Holly, who was famously and shockingly killed off of ‘NCIS‘ a ways back, will guest star in at least one Season 2 episode as Elaine Peck, one of several Superintendents in charge of Operations at the Metropolitan Police Service. What’s more, Elaine is on the fast track to becoming the first female Chief of Police. What’s even more, she is also the mother of Gail Peck (played by Charlotte Sullivan). Also enlisted for ‘Rookie Blue’s Season 2: Camille Sullivan will be recurring as Detective Jo Rosati, an old flame of Luke’s (Eric Johnson).

Who is Lisa’s real father on ‘V‘? Will we meet him in Season 2? – Elodie
This question could have come from ‘V’s Laura Vandervoort herself, who told me, “One of the things I’ve always wondered is who Lisa’s father is.” Laura specifically wonders if that paternity reveal – whenever it might happen (hopefully not in one of Season 2’s cut episodes, grr) – ties into a question raised in Season 1. “Is he a V?” she asks “Or is he a human, and maybe that’s why she’s feeling emotions quicker than most?” Reminder: ‘V’ Season 2 premieres January 4, 2011.

Queen ‘V’: Jane Badler Teases The Mysterious ‘Return’ Of Diana

With the ratings ‘Smallville‘ has been getting, The CW should try to find a way to keep those viewers – maybe with a spin-off? – Havein via Twitter
‘Smallville’ has been enjoying some “super” Season 10 numbers, but any direct offshoot seemed extremely unlikely when I ran the idea by Warner Bros. TV president Peter Roth in September. “No, no…. This show has run its brilliant course, and it’s well deserved,” he told me. “There are no plans [for a spin-off].”

Last week’s ‘Smallville‘ raised a question about “a question” that Clark asked Lois’ father. What do you know? – Gottara
Do you suspect that the question about which ‘Smallville’ raised a question involved a question Clark might have for, say, the General’s daughter? I can tell you this: The nature of what Clark asked Sam will be made crystal clear before the show’s winter break. So… patience!

Please give us ‘Desperate Housewives‘ fans some information on Paul Young’s new wifey (played by Emily Bergl). I am intrigued by her storyline. – Carl
Well, I Big Tease’d weeks ago that Beth’s mama is in the slammer – and now you know exactly who said mother is! Looking down the road, I can tell you that Beth will have some ‘splaining to do when someone literally comes gunning for her (cough) “better” half. Could an old-fashioned whodunit be on the horizon?

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning TV questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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