Nicole Richie’s Not-So-Simple Path to Sitcom Star

by | November 10, 2010 at 7:21 PM | TV News

Nicole Richie (Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Nicole Richie (Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

In an Angelina Jolie-worthy transformation, Nicole Richie has gone from celebrity spawn to celebutante to reality star to jail bird to Hollywood mom to style maven to author and now … sitcom star.

Richie has closed a deal to star in and co-produce a single-camera comedy series for ABC, according to Deadline Hollywood.

Based on a concept that comes from (and mirrors) Richie herself, the series will be written by Jeff Rake, the scribe behind Alicia Silverstone’s short-lived ‘Miss Match.’

The project has been in the works for some time, as EW points out that Richie wrote about it on her blog a year ago:

“The story revolves around a young, modern, and professional woman who must balance her business and family relationships. She must deal with, and navigate the many ideas of what a woman’s role is: modern vs. traditional.”

Richie showed her comedic edge as the amusing half of ‘The Simple Life’ duo and her killer instincts for dramatic flair guest starring on NBC’s ‘Chuck.’