‘Psych’ Stars Tease ‘Twin Peaks’ Reunion, ‘Police Academy’ Tribute

'Psych' (USA)

'Psych' (USA)

Psych‘ returns tonight for the second half of its fifth season.  The finale of the first half ended with Sean and Juliet finally admitting their feelings for each other.  According to stars James Roday and Dule Hill, the winter episodes will satisfy all of the Sean/Juliet shippers, as well as plenty of the genre parodies and homages that have become the show’s trademark.  In a press conference, Roday and Hill explained why this season of ‘Psych’ will be far more entertaining than ‘The Mentalist.’

1) There will be a ‘Twin Peaks’ reunion.
As we reported in September, ‘Twin Peaks‘ cast members including Sheryl Lee, Sherilyn Fenn, Dana Ashbrook, Ray Wise and Catherine Coulson will appear in an episode that pays homage to the cult series.  Says Roday, “‘Twin Peaks’ was my favorite show of all time.  To be able to work with seven of the original cast and basically pretend like I was in an episode of ‘Twin Peaks’ was unbelievable.  In addition to that, which is something Dule and the rest of the cast got to enjoy as well, we discovered that several of the original cast members hadn’t seen each other in fifteen or even twenty years.  So we were basically doing a ‘Twin Peaks’ reunion within our ‘Twin Peaks’ show and watching them reminisce was pretty special.”  ‘Twin Peaks’ creator David Lynch knows about the episode.  According to Roday, “His dear friend Catherine Coulson AKA the Log Lady came up and did the episode and called and left him a message while she was sitting on our set.  I’m pretty sure that he’s aware and I can only hope that we did him proud. Our whole hearts went into that episode and we have the support of about half of his cast, so if he doesn’t like it there’s going to be a lot of people in trouble.”

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2) Sean and Juliet’s relationship heats up. Unlike numerous other long simmering potential television couples, no hallucination or brain tumor will get in the way of Sean and Juliet’s romance. Roday promises, “I can tell you that you’re not going to have to wait for long.  I guess we all sort of decided that we made you wait long enough.  It’s addressed pretty cleanly and thoroughly in the premiere… Everybody was on the same page that five years of will they or won’t they was enough and that it was time to throw a curve ball, mix things up, cross our fingers and hope for the best.”  The romance will not hurt Sean and Gus’s friendship.  Said Hill, “I think it’s something that Gus has prepared himself for a while.  At some point he knew that Sean and Juliet were going to get together.”

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3) An epic Christmas episode will pay homage to ‘It’s A Wonderful Life.’ Roday teases, “I actually directed [the] Christmas episode and I can tell you that it’s pretty out there.  It’s our sort of bizarro take on ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ Sean learns what everybody would be doing if he’d never come back to Santa Barbara.  But prepare yourself, because it’s not ‘It’s A Wonderful Life.’  It’s something different and the only thing I can guarantee is that you’ll see the characters that you’ve come to know and love in ways that you never thought you’d see them.”

4) Other episodes will focus on ‘Police Academy’ and polar bears. Roday reveals, “We do have a ‘Police Academy’ episode which features Ralph Macchio.  Sean and Gus have to save a polar bear that may or may not be being framed for murder. We have an episode in a haunted house in an amusement park that’s probably the closest we will ever come to embodying the cast of Scooby Doo.  We bring home the Yin Yang trilogy.  That will be our finale where everything comes out in the wash. At some point next season we’ll be doing vampires.”

5) There are still plenty of pop cultural icons that the show has yet to tackle. Hill suggests, “Maybe something about Emmanuel Lewis.”  Roday adds, “I wonder if it’s not time that we did a major sort of ‘Alf’ reference of some kind.  I think he’s probably due for some love.”

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