Ted King Joins ‘One Life’; ‘Days’ Men Talk

Ted King + Kassie DePaiva = Good Soap Times

The best casting news of the week:  Ted King, known for his portrayals of sexy arms dealing brothers Luis and Lorenzo Alcazar on ‘General Hospital’ as well as his primetime roles on ‘Charmed‘ and ‘Prison Break‘, is joining the cast of ‘One Life To Live.’

That alone would be cause for celebration.  There’s a reason GH brought back King as the slightly less evil Lorenzo after they killed off Luis.  He’s a lot more than just a pretty face.  He’s a talented, charismatic leading man who is capable of making viewers root for the bad boy.

But OLTL upped the ante by announcing that his character will be paired with Blair (Kassie DePaiva).  I, along with numerous viewers, have been frustrated that Llanview’s most kick-ass Cramer woman has languished without decent love interests or storylines whenever she is broken up with Todd.  This is the perfect way to solve the problem.

According to Entertainment Weekly, King will first appear in the January 21st episode.  The actor is developing the character with the show’s writers and producers.  As long as his character’s last name does not turn out to be Ford, I am confident that the collaboration between King, headwriter Ron Carlivati and Executive Producer Frank Valentini will yield great results.  One quibble:  according to the article, King’s new character will be named Luis.   Been there, done that.  The show should give him a name that won’t remind everyone of his earlier character. As Lady Gaga would say: Alejandro, Fernando, Roberto.

DOOL’s Galen Gering: Sami and Rafe May Elope

My last column featured an interview with DOOL’s James Scott.  The other men in Sami’s (Alison Sweeney) life, Glen Gering (Rafe) and Chandler Massey (Will) also had their say at ‘Days of Our Lives‘ Day of Days fan event.

What’s been the fan feedback?  Is the crowd rooting for Safe or EJami?
The funny thing is that even the fans for the most part that say they’re EJami fans or Safe fans, I think they appreciate the work of everyone on the show.  So there are people who have come up to me like, “I think you’re a great actor but I’m not a Safe fan” or vice versa.  I think that’s great.  As an actor, obviously you put your heart and soul into the show.

How does Arianna’s death change Rafe?
One of the things it does is it makes him really live for the moment, appreciate life, see it as the precious thing that it is.  With that said, Rafe and Sami decide to do something totally spur of the moment to celebrate that in the storyline coming up.  He’s trying to use something dire and completely negative in a positive way.

That sounds like an elopement.
Yes, they may.

That’s neither a confirmation nor a denial.
That’s right.

Watch Glen Gering & Chandler Massey Interview:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Days-of-Our-Lives/97519/1637666472/Galen-Gering-and-Chandler-Massey/embed 580 476]

How far is Rafe going to go to cover up the fact that Sami shot E.J.?
As far as he needs to.  In Rafe’s mind, what she did was justifiable.  The only thing that he has reservations about is that in reality [E.J.] is the father of these children and obviously that’s a difficult thing but the guy is so successful at manipulating people and driving them crazy that in Rafe’s mind he took what was already an unstable woman i.e. Sami and drove her to a point where what she did was rational, after he had kidnapped one of her children then threatened that he was going to take the other.  What mother wouldn’t lose it?  It’s not like she went there pre-meditated to shoot him.  She went there and he was passed out with a gun, so how convenient.  He’ll do what he can to protect her.

E.J. is going to be gunning for Rafe as well as Sami.  How crazy is his revenge scheme going to get?
Suffice it to say that the set up is very strong for revenge and certainly there is a big storyline looming on the horizon where that revenge will be exacted.  I think it will be a lot of fun to play out.  I’m looking forward to it.  We haven’t even started shooting it yet.  It definitely is a big story which is sort of payback for what Sami did to him.

Chandler Massey: Love Triangles Never Turn Out Well For Will

Will is in a terrible position.  He knows that his mother shot E.J. What is he going to do?
Fortunately, Will has had to endure his Mom’s crazy decisions his whole life, so in a way I think he’s like, just another [one.]  But it’s weird.  In a way, I think finding out his mom shot E.J. has just made him love her more.  Now he’s all about protecting her and doing whatever it takes to make sure she doesn’t go to jail.  He’s also thinking about his little brothers and his sister who will be without a mom and also Rafe.  If she goes to jail, everybody’s screwed.

He was falling under Stefano’s spell, but now he’s turned on the DiMeras.
He was very charmed by Stefano at first, but now he’s beyond disillusioned.  He’s seen what the DiMeras can do and who they really are.  He’s definitely anti-Dimera, especially E.J.  Will has this intense hatred for him because he [sees] E.J.  as the root of all his family’s problems.

When he finds out his best friend Chad is actually a DiMera, will it change their relationship?
Chad and Will haven’t always been friends.  They fought over Mia.  But I think Will knows that Chad’s a good person.  Just because he’s a DiMera doesn’t mean he’s going to end up like his dad or his brother.  Will recognizes that Chad really needs a friend because that’s a huge thing that’s happened to him.

Now that the role of Gabi has been recast with Carmila Banus, will Will and Gabi have a romance?
Yes.  I guess the whole Arianna thing ,in a weird way, brought Gabi and Will closer together because of shared suffering.  I think that Gabi and Will have always been really good friends to each other and they just grow gradually unto something more.

Will it evolve into a triangle with Chad?
I don’t know.  I hope not because a triangle never ends up well for Will, not with Mia who ended up with Chad, or Gabi who was dating Chad [before.]

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