Deep Soap: Kourtney Kardashian Takes ‘One Life To Live’

Kourtney Kardashian (Photo: Andy Kropa/Getty Images)

Kourtney Kardashian (Photo: Andy Kropa/Getty Images)

One Life to Live‘ continues to be the soap that manages to stunt-cast people that are actually hip. 

First there was Snoop Dogg.  Now reality star Kourtney Kardashian (‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians‘, ‘Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami‘) will appear on the show in March. 

Instead of playing herself, she will attempt acting, appearing in scenes with Christian (David Fumero) and Blair (Kassie DePaiva).  Kardashian reported to work on the ‘OLTL’ set Thursday.  She told E!, “I grew up watching One Life to Live. I hear I get into some trouble and I am looking forward to it. This may be my acting debut, but the Kardashians know a thing or two about drama.”  (In Kardashian speak, the word “drama” seems to mean on-camera bikini waxes.)  Kardashian apparently makes a “very dramatic entrance” in her first scene.

Kardashian’s appearance will be chronicled for her upcoming reality show, ‘Kourtney and Kim Take New York.’  Whether you find the Kardashian reality series to be fun guilty pleasures or depressing signs of the intellectual decline of our culture, the shows are incredibly popular. 

‘OLTL’ is going to get a ton of publicity, as well as the exposure of playing a key role in an episode on a hit reality show.  Hopefully a few of the people who watch ‘Kourtney and Kim’ will decide to watch her episode and end up getting hooked on ‘OLTL.’  Unlike many of the fading B-listers who are popping up on soaps, Kourtney is current and has tons of fans. In my opinion, Kourtney looks a little bit like Clint’s ex-wife Kim (Amanda Setton).  If — and it’s a big if — she turns out to have acting talent, maybe her character could come back and turn out to be Kim’s sister — which would be good ‘OLTL’ meta-humor given that she’s Kim Kardashian’s sister in real life.

This has been a red-hot week for ‘One Life To Live.’  Not only has the show been stellar creatively, but a couple days ago news broke that former ‘General Hospital’ star Ted King was joining the show.  To me, the biggest news about Kardashian’s appearance is that the show is already taping episodes that will air in March.  Some soaps are only filming about five weeks ahead of what airs.  Executive Producer Frank Valentini is a rock star.  Maybe there should be a reality show about him.

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