‘Family Feud’ Contestant Gives Hilariously Terrible Answer

Steve Harvey on Family Feud

Steve Harvey on Family Feud

Family Feud‘ has undergone a slew of host and set updates throughout its 22-year history, but one thing that never changes is the ability of contestants to blurt out incomprehensibly ridiculous responses.

Don’t get us wrong: We can only imagine the amount of intense pressure these folks feel standing up at the podium, hands racing to hit the buzzer. Often that results in shouting whatever pops into your mind first — no matter how absurd it may be.

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Recently a woman yelled “Your penis!” in response to the question, “Name a part of your body that is bigger than it was when you were 16.” Rod (below) now joins that illustrious group of Feuders with his answer to “Something a burglar would not want to see when he breaks into a house.”

Without spoiling it any further (just ignore the title of the video!), give it a watch. We’re not sure whose reaction is better: Host Steve Harvey or the other contestant who earnestly adds, “I wouldn’t want to see that either.” The kicker? His answer is actually on the board! (Well, sorta.)

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