10 Complete DVD Sets You Must Buy

The Six Million Dollar Man

Time Life will debut a DVD collector’s set on November 23rd of one of the most eagerly-anticipated, previously unreleased TV classics with ‘The Six Million Dollar Man: The Complete Collection.’ This iconic pop culture smash from the ’70s is now available for pre-order exclusively online at 6MDM.com and will feature all five action-packed seasons never before available in the U.S. on any format, as well as a stunning collection of all-new extras certain to thrill fans both old and new. The muscular set will be housed in ultra-collectible packaging sporting an audio chip and eye-popping 3-D lenticular artwork. Across 40 DVDs, the complete series will feature all 100 digitally-preserved hour-long episodes – including three presented in their original 2-hour broadcast versions – all of which have been remastered from the original, uncut broadcast versions. The set also includes more than 17 hours of all-new bonus material specially created just for this collection, highlighted by new in-depth interviews with Lee Major (Col. Steve Austin) and Richard Anderson (Omar Goldman). This unforgettable series starred Majors as Colonel Steve Austin, a top NASA pilot critically injured when his experimental spaceplane crashed. Oscar Goldman, head of OSI, used Austin as a test subject for an experimental procedure, rebuilding his body using cybernetic technology, making him the world’s first bionic man. Now, Austin works for Goldman and the OSI, protecting the nation from myriad threats.


Hotshot plastic surgeons Dr. Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Dr. Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) experience full-life blown midlife crises as they confront career, family and romance problems over six seasons of ‘Nip/Tuck,’ the groundbreaking series that aired on FX. Set first in Miami South Beach and later moving to LA, these cutting-edge stories range from funny to suspenseful to uncommonly powerful. The surgeries are graphically bold, and the sexuality is rampant. Memorable guest stars who go under the knife include Rosie O’Donnell, Joan Rivers, Kathleen Turner and Larry Hagman, among others. From ‘Glee’ creator Ryan Murphy, ‘Nip/Tuck’ is an unforgettable prescription for entertainment unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Buy the complete series right here.

The Golden Girls

‘The Golden Girls: 25th Anniversary Complete Collection’ is now available on DVD! Seven years of laughter, tears, friendship and fun culminate in this limited edition 21-disc commemorative set that allows fans to relive all the great moments of one of TV’s most beloved shows in one side-splitting new collection. Packaged in a fantastic, collectible replica of Golden Girl Sophia’s wicker purse, the fabulous new release includes every hilarious DVD bonus feature from each season, and other collectibles including all-new character-themed playing cards, showcasing each of the show’s lovable, off-beat stars. ‘The Golden Girls,’ which originally aired from 1985 through 1992, follows four friends – the smart Dorothy (Beatrice Arthur), naïve Rose (Betty White), vivacious Blanche (Rue McClanahan) and sarcastic Sophia (Estelle Getty) – who move in together in Miami. Their uproarious relationships with each other and the comical men in their lives have made ‘The Golden Girls’ hugely popular with fans of all ages. These four mismatched, outrageous women certainly give ‘Grandma’ a whole new meaning, keeping audiences laughing with their endearing friendships and delightful chemistry. Buy the complete set right here.


On December 7, fans will also have a chance to experience all 8 days of Jack Bauer when ’24’ The Complete Series arrives in a collectible DVD box set. ‘24‘ The Complete Series is a must-own collectible box set, that includes Seasons 1-8, and bursting with bonus features including deleted scenes; behind-the-scenes footage; a comprehensive retrospective that looks back at the show’s unforgettable eight seasons; an alternate ending for the series finale and much more. This unforgettable spy action thriller revolved around Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), a government agent who is called upon to avert nation-threatening crises. Pre-order the complete set right here.

The Tudors

The costume drama ‘The Tudors‘ features England’s splendid Renaissance dynasty under King Henry VIII. Beginning in Season 1 when Henry VIII was growing desperate for an heir and growing distant from his first wife, the series moves quickly to the period when Anne Boelyn became his obsession. During this time Cardinal Wolsey rose to become the power behind his throne, ruling ruthlessly and nearly absolutely while Henry (played by Johnathon Rhyes Meyers) for the most part followed the Cardinal’s advice, maneuvering through a series of betrayals and plots against him. We then get to meet all of Henry’s wives over the unforgettable, four-season run of this Showtime series. Pre-order the complete series right here.

Scholastic Treasury Of 100 Storybook Classics 2

100 award-winning and classic children’s stories are faithfully adapted and brought to rich life in ‘The Scholastic Treasury Of 100 Storybook Classics #2,’ a comprehensive 17-DVD collection, the follow-up to the original best-selling treasury. From “Goodnight Moon” and the beloved adventures of Corduroy to Red Riding Hood, this colossal set features nearly 20 hours of quality entertainment which together have won more than 115 awards including the prestigious Caldecott Medal and Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Children’s Video. Packed with celebrity narration from stars such as Zach Braff, Abigail Breslin, Stockard Channing, Mia Farrow, Cyndi Lauper, John Lithgow and many others, this must-have gift set also features Scholastic’s innovative read-along function that highlights words as they are read, supporting early literacy skills. Buy the Treasury Of 100 Storybook Classics #2 set right here.

BBC High Definition Natural History Collection 2 Featuring Life

The world-renowned BBC Natural History Unit takes viewers on a spellbinding tour around the globe fueled by breathtaking imagery and epic filmmaking with the release of the ‘BBC High Definition Natural History Collection 2 Featuring Life.’ Witness how creatures under extreme pressure can overcome challenges from their adversaries and environment in Life, the groundbreaking follow-up to Planet Earth. Discover the dramatic stories behind the planet’s most mind-blowing natural events, charting the effects of global climactic phenomena, which transform entire landscapes in Nature’s Most Amazing Events. Travel beyond clichéd images of swaying palms and idyllic beaches to discover the real, immense and breathtaking world of the Pacific Ocean in South Pacific. And finally, live amongst great animals of the west as they battle to survive in Yellowstone: Battle for Life. Buy the BBC High Definition Natural History Collection Volume 2 right here.


Forget Gunsmoke and Bonanza. The HBO series ‘Deadwood‘ as as close to the “real thing” as any Western fan was ever going to see on television — and in its pursuit of reality, the series was not afraid of smashing icons or skewering sacred cows. Could anything less be expected of executive producer David Milch? The series began its story in 1876, two weeks after Custer’s demise at the Little Big Horn, and in the midst of “gold fever” brought about by a major ore strike in the Black Hills of Dakota Territory. Into the wide-open and illegal settlement of Deadwood rode a terrifying variety of hard-bitten men and hard-living women. Traveling to Deadwood with old friend Charlie Utter (Dayton Callie) and devoted, foul-mouthed sidekick Calamity Jane (Robin Weigert), Wild Bill Hickok quickly met and befriended former lawman Seth Bullock (Timothy Olyphant), the archetypal man with a past who held out hope (but not much) that Deadwood would permit him a new start in life. Pre-order the Blu-ray right here.

Tonight: Celebrating 4 Decades From The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

The undisputed King of all late night talk shows celebrates his 85th birthday with ‘Tonight: Celebrating 4 Decades From The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson’ – a once-in-a-lifetime collection of the greatest moments in Tonight Show history, in one 15-disc DVD set. Featuring over 50 shows hand-selected by the original producer as the best episodes from the show’s 40-year run, the set also includes hours of never-before-seen footage including all-new interviews with some of Carson’s most celebrated guest stars. The collection comes packaged in a sleek collector’s set – perfect for the classic TV fan on any holiday gift list. Buy the complete set right here.

The Larry Sanders Show

A daringly outspoken and highly creative talk show host opened a wisecracked window on the world of late night chatter—and made ‘The Larry Sanders Show‘ must-see TV in television history. Created by Garry Shandling and Dennis Klein, the award-winning hit series The Larry Sanders Show follows Larry Sanders (Shandling) and the twisted inner workings of his late-night talk show. Larry’s suave persona on-stage and angst-ridden antics off-stage drew millions of viewers, eager for backstage access to a show unlike any other. Throughout its six-year (1992-1998) run on HBO, the series raised the bar for fearless, acerbic Hollywood satire. The innovative use of both video and film to distinguish on-air events from back stage happenings, displaying the jarring dynamic between Larry’s on-camera poise and backstage neurosis, was brutally fascinating. And in the company of a patronizing, combative staff and a parade of A-list guests — more than game for putting their own celebrity in the crosshairs — you had a backstage pass to a Hollywood that was shockingly raw and hilarious. Buy the complete series right here.

Wolverine & The X-Men

Wolverine And The X-Men‘ – featuring 2-D & 3-D animation, is an adaptation of the X-Men comic books which focuses on Wolverine, left to lead dejected colleagues like Cyclops, Storm, Beast and Nightcrawler after the catastrophic loss of their mentor, Professor X. When a glimpse of the future shows the world’s apocalyptic destiny, the superheroes marshal their forces to continue battling Magneto and The Brotherhood.
Buy the complete series Blu-ray right here.


Starring legendary Emmy-winning actor, Sir Derek Jacobi, ‘Cadfael: The Complete Collection‘ is now available on DVD, featuring all 13 episodes from the acclaimed series. Seen on PBS’s Mystery! in the late 1990s and based on the best-selling books by Ellis Peters, Jacobi plays Brother Cadfael, a warrior turned monk who solves crimes in war-torn medieval England. Filled with pitch-perfect period detail, the award-winning series also features stars Julian Firth and Michael Culver and offers a riveting glimpse into the past. This value-priced 13-disc collection contains all 13 episodes in addition to audio comments from Jacobi, historical background notes, and much more. Once a Crusader, now a man of the cloth, the worldly but humble Brother Cadfael uses his keen intuition to protect the innocent and bring the guilty to account in war-torn medieval England. Sir Derek Jacobi gives a captivating dramatic performance as a man pursuing the call of a higher justice. The series finds Brother Cadfael investigating a range of suspicious enigmas including the death of a poisoned landowner, the disappearance of a wealthy orphan, and salacious, criminal secrets obscured by jealousy and greed. Buy the complete set right here.

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