Atlanta ‘Housewives’ Kandi and Cynthia Offer Sex Tips

Forget Mondays—your Sunday nights on Bravo (10pm ET) have just gotten hotter with the addition of the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’s new time slot! This season the ladies are already busy stirring things up—from adding new cast members Phaedra Parks and model Cynthia Bailey to publicizing the hilariously contagious term “bourghetto” to offering jaw-dropping sugary sex tips—it seems like any subject is fair game in ‘The Drrty South’!

In a recent joint conference call with reporters, Cynthia and co-cast member Kandi Burruss chatted with us about all of the drama in detail, how they feel about the other Atlanta Housewives, what other Housewives shows they like to watch…and how a Halls cough drop could do a doozy for your sex life.

How do you feel about being the only pre-dominantly African-American cast in the franchise?
Cynthia: Atlanta has a very high majority of African-Americans that are doing things here. I just think Atlanta really represents African-Americans really well, so I think it’s kind of cool that the Atlanta show is mostly black.

Kandi, you shared some interesting confectionery tricks in the bedroom (e.g. Pop Rocks, sugar) in a recent episode. Got anymore?
Kandi: Actually, I do. I would tell anybody that if you use a Halls [cough drop] and put it in your mouth and let it melt and give oral sex, it is the bomb. It is the bomb. It is the best, like for real. It gives this extra tingly sensation.

Watch Cynthia’s Surprise Proposal:

[iframe 580 476]

So what’s up with this hot term “bourghetto” you coined referring to Phaedra’s eyelid bling?
Kandi: Honestly that word to me is old, and I didn’t know it was going to be as big of a deal as it is. I think it’s the perfect description for people who’s just being too much for no reason—like they’re going all out of their way to try to make it seem like they have this, this, and that going on, but it comes off all like just wrong.

Cynthia, how did you feel when Phaedra jabbed at where you lived?
Cynthia: Well, at this point, because Phaedra insults me a lot, I wasn’t that surprised. I just kind of expect it kind of from her. But, I do live in a re-gentrified neighborhood, and it’s a really cool neighborhood. I love my house, and I don’t really care what kind of neighborhood it’s in as long as I’m happy.

Do watch any of the other Housewives shows?
Kandi: I used to watch Jersey on that first season. I followed them the whole season. I didn’t really catch as much this season, but I really love Jacqueline, she’s really cool to me. And actually, I really like a lot of them on the Jersey cast. I met them in person and they’re all really cool and fund to be around…also, I just started watching Beverly Hills and I just like the whole fact that it was like they have that ridiculous money.

I agree with Kandi on Beverly Hills. I just started watching that one as well, and I love the fact that these women have so much money that nothing that they do ever needs to be pointed out. Like if someone has a Birkin bag, nobody cares because they all probably have 25, so it’s not like, “Oh, Birkin bag in the house.” And then also, I watch the New York girls as well, because I just really kind of got their humor and their whole like, you know, just obnoxiousness and whatever.

How is the tour with Fantasia going?
Kandi: I’m looking forward to this whole tour because Fantasia and I are actually friends. She’s the headliner, of course, and then Eric Benet is on the tour and El Debarge and Tank is going to join on the tour on some of the dates when we start in December—but I’m very excited about this. This is my first time going on tour since like 2001. So, I’m nervous, but at the same time I’m excited.

Don’t you have an album coming out soon?
Kandi: My album comes out December 14 and it’s called Kandi Coated.

Speaking of albums, do you really think Kim can become a pop star?
Kandi: If she has the right company behind her backing her and pushing her, she could sell the records if she had the right song. I mean “Tardy for the Party” turned out to be a great record, people were playing it in the clubs, it even started getting radio air play and she didn’t even have a label promoting it.

Watch Kim prepare a new song:

[iframe 580 476]

Cynthia, did you ever talk to your hubby Peter about his lash out with NeNe during your Mother’s Day Brunch?
Cynthia: Oh, I most certainly did. I had a word with him before but that didn’t work out, so I definitely had a word with him after. And like I said in my blog, there were no Pop Rocks, Now or Laters, candied yams—it was none of those raw sugar, powdered sugar going on in our bedroom that night after that brunch.

What do you think of Shereé’s new love interest, Tiy-E?
Cynthia: I don’t know Shereé that well, but if I was going to do like a matchmaker night at my house I would never put those two together. My only thing that I would kind of suggest for him is I think he should cut his hair. I think he should shave it because that receding hair thing in the middle is like a little distracting. I think he would look a lot better.

Kandi: I definitely knew he wasn’t the guy for Shereé, and he’s doing way too much, trying to force the situation with the whole trying to make her lick cookie dough off his finger. He’s not what I see Shereé dating.

Kandi, now that you’ve been with the cast for a year, can you tell us if the rest of the Housewives are the same way off-camera as they are on-camera?
Kandi: Well, I would say as far as Kim is concerned, she’s not putting it on for the camera—when you see her on TV, she’s like that every day, even when the cameras aren’t around. Like she is reality TV Gold because you are not going to find another Kim or another NeNe, or even another Sheree anywhere you go.

And as far as Kim is concerned, me and Kim are friends. Business-wise, I don’t think we necessarily probably should do business together going in the future, you know? I think we should stay cool and hang out together…in future episodes you’ll see us trying to deal with this song that we’re going to be working together on, and I don’t want to give away anything but it gets interesting. Let’s just say that.

You can catch the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ at its new time on Sundays on Bravo at 10pm (ET).

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