In Theaters: ‘Unstoppable,’ ‘Morning Glory,’ ‘Skyline’

by | November 12, 2010 at 7:31 PM | The Movies

This week brings us a trio of new films opening in theaters across the country. On Wednesday, Morning Glory opened, billing itself as the feel-good movie of the year about a plucky young go-getter behind the scenes of a morning show. Today, we’ve also got Unstoppable, the high-octane action thriller more powerful than a locomotive, and Skyline, an epic-scale alien invasion saga. Also, the Valerie Plame story Fair Game is expanding just in time for George W. Bush’s book tour.

In selected cities, you can also check out the brand new environmental documentary Cool It. Take a closer look at these options below.

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Tony Scott’s latest action thriller stars Denzel Washington and Chris Pine as mismatched coworkers in a trainyard who race against time to stop an unmanned train loaded with dangerous chemicals traveling at top speed towards a deadly crash in a populated area before it’s too late, while Rosario Dawson tries to coordinate their efforts in the face of the misguided top brass.

Morning Glory
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Rachel McAdams stars as a rookie morning show producer struggling to make something of a low-rated show while wrangling her warring co-hosts (Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton) as well as her love life with Patrick Wilson.

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This sci-fi thriller stars Eric Balfour, Donald Faison, Brittany Daniel and David Zayas finding mysterious blinding lights appearing over Los Angeles heralding a massive alien assault.


Cool It
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Danish political scientist, lecturer and author Bjorn Lomborg details his practical approach to solving global warming.