Jane Lynch Sings the Praises of Her ‘Glee’ Wedding Dress

Jane Lynch (Frederick M Brown/Getty Images)

Jane Lynch (Frederick M Brown/Getty Images)

It’s not often a woman gets to pick out two wedding outfits in one year, but that’s just what ‘Glee‘s Jane Lynch has done.

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For her real-life wedding to Dr. Lara Embry in late May, the funnylady sported a cream wrap-around blouse and black dress pants. But in the much-talked about ‘Glee’ episode airing Nov. 23, Lynch’s Sue Sylvester is wearing something on the opposite end of the fashion spectrum.

Is it a tracksuit, you ask? “Close,” Lynch told reporters on the red carpet for the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center’s 39th Anniversary Gala & Auction, where on Saturday she was honored with the Rand Schrader Distinguished Achievement Award in Culver City, California.

“The dress is so awesome,” she continued. “It’s by Ali Rahimi, the guy who actually did my whole outfit and [my outfits for the] Emmy and Golden Globe awards. He’s a great designer. He made a Sue Sylvester tracksuit wedding dress.”

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Lynch wouldn’t confirm what has been previously reported about who Sue is marrying, only that her character is tying the knot with “someone you’ll know.”

The ‘Glee’ wedding sets the stage for the arrival of comic legend Carol Burnett, playing Sue’s mother, a former Nazi hunter. “[Having] abandoned myself and my sister Jean, she comes back into our lives… and wants to sing at my wedding,” Lynch says. “It gets pretty interesting.”

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As for the event at hand on Saturday night, Lynch said Rand Schrader Distinguished Achievement Award “means the world to me. A lot of the kids come to the Gay & Lesbian Center are kids that ran away from home, maybe abandoned by their parents because they were gay, maybe they were being bullied. They have a center to come to get food and a warm bed, comfort, and counseling. That’s why I give money to this organization. They actually do the work.”

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