‘DWTS’ Semi-Finals: Perfect Scores, ‘Passion of the Christ’ & More

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough (Photo: ABC)

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough (Photo: ABC)

If you’ve been watching ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ all season, you’d think the three celebrities heading to next week’s finals would be a given: Jennifer Grey, Brandy and Kyle Massey.

But, as we all know, ballroom success is not always based on dancing alone. It’s 50% talent (as scored by the very capable judges) and 50% voting (as scored by the ever-unpredictable American public).

What are we getting at? Bristol ‘The Pistol’ Palin is firing on all cylinders — and that has some people really fired up. Sarah Palin’s daughter hasn’t exactly had a leg up in the talent, sex appeal or personality departments all season long, yet Bristol could quite possibly make it through to the season finale, especially now that she landed her highest scores of the season (a 27!). To put it in perspective, consider this: Bristol, who has been at the bottom of the leaderboard for six weeks, tied with Brandy, who has topped the leaderboard four times. Go figure!

Monday night’s passion-fueled semi-finals featured each couple performing a ballroom dance and a Latin dance. Who got a perfect score? Who bounced their way into the judges’ hearts? And who should be bounced from the ballroom next? Find out below….


Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: Cha Cha Cha
It was nice to see a segment on Jennifer Grey that was not about her injuries, her pain or her age, for once. (Like 50 is that old? Come on! Enough already.) Instead, it was great to see a lighthearted, bubbly and downright giddy girlie side to this ‘Dirty Dancer,’ who showed her Cha Cha Cha skills in rehearsal earlier in the season. The ‘Dancing’ dame prompted Bruno to stand up and boogie. He called it a “vibrant and sexy” Cha Cha Cha. Carrie Ann said she was not disappointed. Len loved it too. The pair pulled three 10s for the second perfect score of the season!
Score: 30

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer: Samba
Bless his little heart. Kyle’s just so full of energy, joy and a positive attitude. (I hope America likes him more than Bristol.) He deserves a spot in the finals. Loved this dance from the get-go, particularly his moonwalk and sexy shimmy. He really shook what his mama gave him! “You have more bounce to the ounce than anyone this season,” said Len. “You truly are a bouncing bundle of joy!” said Bruno, who called him “irresistible.” “I’ve never ever seen so much pelvic action EVER!” said Carrie Ann. “It was an amazing blend of entertainment – bouncing up and down – and then technique.”
Score: 29

Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Paso Doble
Wow, after Maks caught so much heat from Carrie Ann for not starting the “Instant Dance” instantly, we were a bit surprised that he put another wee delay into their first dance here too. They don’t call him the “bad boy of ballroom” for nothing. But will his attitude cost the couple points with the judges or with viewers? “You came out 100%. You gave it everything you got,” said Len, who called it “great.” Bruno screamed, “You definitely released all of the aggression” and called it “very, very strong.” Carrie Ann though it was “passionate” and “beautiful.”
Score: 27

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: Paso Doble
She had all the right parts – cool hair and makeup, a super fierce superhero-like outfit, and a partner who was working overtime tonight. But still, Bristol’s just not fun to watch. After the performance, Carrie Ann asked her over to the judges table and gave her a hug. “You come out and nail it. You pumpa-pumpa-pumpa pump!” (Er, or something like that). Len called her “Bristol the Pistol” – a term mom Sarah Palin, who was in the audience, so affectionately calls her too – but added that she “fired a few blanks.” Bruno said she’s “turning into a tigress.” The couple scored their highest score of the season.
Score: 27

Brandy’s Struggle to Recover from Tragedy

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Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Argentine Tango
With fire in her belly and determination in her eyes, this was probably one of Brandy’s best dances. She looked like a vixen straight out of a film noir classic. Len called the lifts “effortless,” the extension “fantastic,” and the atmosphere “great.” “Lush, languid, voluptuous, full of flavor, great emotional depth … Len is absolutely right,” gushed Bruno. Carrie Ann said the trouble is gone for Brandy, before calling it “amazing,” “passionate” and “ridiculous.” The couple scored their first perfect score.
Score: 30

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough: Waltz
Well, we spoke too soon about the injury talk. This one, though, we’ll give them a pass on since the rehearsal packages for all the ballroom dances were a bit of a history-n-highlights of each contestant’s lives. “This was a gem of a Waltz,” said Bruno. “You are a great dancer and never forget it.” Carrie Ann said, “It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.” “Be still my beating heart,” said Len. “This was quiet. It was delicate. It was poignant. If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me up because that was fabulous.” Wow, another 30 for the perfect pair!
Score: 30

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer: Argentine Tango
Mustering all the intensity this funnyman possibly could, the lovable Kyle manned-up for the serious tango and left his jokester M.O. behind. But unfortunately Lacey really outshined her partner – the last man standing – on this one. “You are a star. In 11 seasons I don’t think anyone has ever come out and performed with so much attack,” said Len. Bruno loved it. “Whatever happens, you are Season 11’s Mr. Charisma.”
Score: 29

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas: Waltz
I might not enjoy watching her dance, but I must admit Bristol’s backstory package was quite enthralling. Quote of the night: When Sarah Palin talked about how Bristol was afraid that she’d be criticized too harshly on the show, mom’s advice was, “You might as well dance!” And dance she did. ‘The Passion of the Christ’ was the theme of this waltz, which surprisingly drew a standing ovation from the audience. “You drifted out,” said Carrie Ann, to a booing crowd. Len loved the vulnerability about her dancing and disagreed with Carrie Ann.
Score: 26

Who do you think will be heading to the finals next week? Do your stuff in the comments below.

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