‘One Life’s John Paul Lavoisier Talks Rex’s Many Parents

John Paul Lavoisier (ABC)

John Paul Lavoisier (ABC)

Who’s Your Daddy (And Mother)?

The character of Rex on ‘One Life To Live‘ has spent years trying to figure out who his parents are.  The  show has changed its mind about the identity of his father on numerous occasions, before abruptly deciding he needed a new mother as well.  Now it appears that his heritage has firmly been established.  Friday, Rex learned that he is Echo DiSavoy’s (Kim Zimmer) son.  The audience learned that, in all probability, Clint Buchanan (Jerry VerDorn) is his father.  Lavoisier revealed how this latest plot twist will affect Rex, whether Rex’s relationship with Gigi will survive, and which celebrity he would sacrifice his own salary for to get to appear on OLTL.

This is the final, final reveal about Rex’s parentage.  How does he feel about being both Echo’s son and a Buchanan?
Rex finds out that Echo is his Mom because she blabs it to most of Llanview on the dance floor at a wedding.  He kind of doesn’t want to believe her because she’s got this funky past.  Vicki (Erika Slezak) hates her.  He feels that if Vicki hates somebody, she’s probably really bad news and she might possibly be lying.  So, half of him believes her and half of him doesn’t.  At the time that she announces it, he’s also a little intoxicated from being at the wedding and because he’s also just come from kissing another girl who is not his girlfriend, so it’s sort of a big wave of emotion.  He’s actually not really happy about it.  He doesn’t find out that Clint is his father.  He thinks that it could be Charlie (Brian Kerwin) or Clint.  The father issue is not one hundred percent yet either.  He would rather be dead than know that Clint is his father.

Has it been difficult playing so many storylines about Rex’s parentage?
There have been 87 people who have been his parents over the years.  It gets to be kind of difficult trying to make his confusion and frustration fresh and different every time but I guess I can say hopefully this will be the last time.  But it’s always fun getting all these different twists of storylines for Rex.  I guess 88 percent of me wants this to be the last time I play confusion and frustration as to who my parents are.  Hopefully, this will stick.

How do you like working with Kim Zimmer?
I love working with Kim.  Kim is fantastic.  She makes me laugh.  I think that her and I are going to fuse well together playing characters that aren’t fusing well together.  As an actor, she’s great to work with.

Will Rex and Roxie’s relationship be preserved?
You never know what [Roxie’s] going to do.  She’s this little spitfire that comes flying in the door.  She’s a force.  She’s unlike anybody else we have on the show.  Over the past eight years I’ve put a lot of effort into making real the mother-son relationship with her, trying to get some of her isms and just trying to think like her sometimes, be a little crazy.  I actually hope that throwing Echo in as his real mom actually gives Roxie more to do because she has to fight for all the mother love that she’s raised Rex with.  Hopefully she isn’t just going to give him up to Echo and fade into the background.  Hopefully this will make her a more prominent character as far as wanting to stay in Rex’s life [more] than ever now that he’s got this other “real” mom to deal with.

When does Rex learn that Clint is his father?
I don’t know.  He spends some time not knowing who his father is, then it will go from there.  There are paternity test and DNA scenes in a lab coming up.

How will this affect Bo and Rex’s surrogate father-son relationship?
Rex has always looked at Bo as a father and I don’t thing anybody other than Bo coming out as his real father is going to change their relationship.   If anything, maybe he’ll spend a little less time with Bo and spend more time getting to know his real parents and his real father but it’s not like a problem for him and Bo.   I don’t think any of the love with be lost.  Maybe they’ll just have less scenes together.  Although maybe they’ll have more scenes because he’ll want to talk to Bo about all the things he’s feeling with his new parents, almost like a couch session.  Of course I’m sad that I’m not really Bo’s son because I love Bob Woods and I love the Rex and Bo scenes, love, love, love them.  I would work with Bob Woods every day if I could.

Will this storyline bring out Rex’s bad boy streak? He was always after money, now he stands to inherit a lot of it.
Part of the reason Rex was a bad boy was because he didn’t have a lot of money and had to struggle, wrong side of the tracks thing.  But you give Rex a billion dollars, maybe he would donate it all to charity.  Of course, he’s got a son to raise and Gigi going back to school so he has to hustle.  That’s a good question. I don’t know.  I wouldn’t mind if the writers wrote Rex to go back to his bad boy ways because it was fun.

Speaking of Gigi, will Rex’s flirtation with Kelly end their relationship?
I’m sure you walk in on people naked all the time, and that doesn’t necessarily  mean something’s going on, right?  That was just sort of a tease to the audience.  In all honesty, I think most of that was for the sake of Kelly’s character finding her way and trying to find love.  It’s not Rex.  They’re just really good friends.  When they made out, it was a 99 percent alcohol related, weak moment .

What about Gigi’s commitment to him?  She’s been flirting with Christian in Paris.
I know.  I saw that over-the-table kiss.  How dare them.  That was probably also just a tease, seeing how the audience feels.  We’ll see what people write in.  I don’t see something coming between Rex and Gigi for a while.  I think those were just speedbumps.

The show has been on fire for the past few weeks.  What’s the mood like on the set?  Do you feel added pressure as the last New York soap?
We’re just having fun being an interesting soap opera.  We walk around with smiles on our faces.  I promise you that… The fact that we’re the last soap in New York, people talk about that, but I think it’s just a coincidence.

A couple weeks when you were the highest rated ABC soap, did it put some swagger in your step? Was there a cake on the set?
We all have to take our shirts off.  We have to stay away from the cake.  We just take pictures of cake on our camera phones and set it as the screensaver.  I just made that up.

Who do you think should be the next celebrity guest star on the show?
I know exactly who it would be.  I would forfeit my salary for a year — don’t tell anybody — to have Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds perform at Rex’s club Ultraviolet.

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