‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ Sets Ratings Record: Did It Get Your Vote?

Sarah Palin with daughter Bristol, son Trig and husband Trip (TLC)

Sarah Palin with daughter Bristol, son Trig and husband Trip (TLC)

The people have spoken, and ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska‘ is worth a visit… or at least a one-time looky-loo.

Sarah Palin’s TV Series a Stage for Political Future?

The reality/travelogue series fronted by the former Alaska governor and onetime vice presidential hopeful drew 5 million total viewers in its Sunday-night debut, making it the most watched premiere in TLC history.

Stewart/Colbert, Sarah Palin Vie For Time’s Person Of The Year

The cabler’s previous record-holder was the 2003 debut of ‘What Not To Wear’ –  a show that Trip Palin might want to check out sometime.

What Reviews Reveal About ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’

Sarah Palin of course has been living in the headlines in recent months, thanks in part to her daughter’s somehow-endless spin on the ‘Dancing With the Stars’ dance floor. In fact, she recently made the list of 25 finalists for Time Magazine’s ‘Person Of The Year,’ alongside other politically oriented TV personalities such as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

Did you pay a visit to ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’? If so, does the series get your vote of approval?

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