‘South Park’ Sued for Stealing Spoof

'South Park' (Photo: Comedy Central)

'South Park' (Photo: Comedy Central)

South Park‘ has never been a show to avoid controversy, but the series’ creators might have crossed the line recently with their spoof of a viral YouTube video. At least, that’s what a new copyright infringement lawsuit filed against Matt Stone and Trey Parker seems to imply.

Brownmark Films, the company behind YouTube’s popular “What What (In the Butt)” video, filed the lawsuit last week, seeking an injunction and damages following the airing of a re-created version of their property in a 2008 episode of ‘South Park,’ according to The Hollywood Reporter.


It’s worth noting that a quick search on YouTube reveals a seemingly endless number of “tribute” versions of “What What (In the Butt),” although none appear to have a professional polish like ‘South Park’s’ adaptation.

The lawsuit claims that ‘South Park’s’ video is a “nearly frame-by-frame recreation,” prompting Brownmark to file against Paramount Pictures, Viacom and MTV on allegations of direct copyright infringement and vicarious infringement.

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