Brandy & Jimmy Kimmel Say Her ‘DWTS’ Ouster is an ‘Outrage’

“Earlier tonight, our next guest became the unfortunate victim of what can only be described as Hurricane Bristol,” Jimmy Kimmel said when introducing Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy for the mandatory “new loser” segment of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ for every ousted ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant. Kimmel was very vocal about what a crime it was that Bristol Palin was not the one eliminated.

“Let’s not have one of those ‘everything’s great, everything’s friendly’ things,” Kimmel said once his guests came out. “This was an outrage what happened tonight. True? True?”

Brandy nodded, smiled and said “True.” But that was about the only contentious thing that she said. She left all that to Kimmel.

“Do you believe there is an organized Tea Party voting bloc?” he asked about Bristol Palin’s inexplicable presence in the finals. “I blame America for this. There are certain people who are clearly better than others, dancing-wise. You are obviously one of those people.” He also suggested that people didn’t bother voting for her because they assumed her perfect scores would carry her through, and because you can’t vote against anyone.

“Can you imagine if you could vote for who you don’t want to see?” Maks observed. “Then some of us would have negative scores.”

Kimmel also cited the point where Carrie Ann Inaba took Maks to task about his choreography on camera. “I wasn’t upset,” Maks clarified. “I don’t think it’s necessary to criticize at all – if you like the dance, say you like the dance. If you don’t like my interpretation, than tell me that behind the scenes.”

Watch the full Brandy interview on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ below.

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