Brandy Speechless on ‘DWTS’ Shocker: ‘I’m Numb’

Brandy and Maks Booted (Photo: ABC)

Brandy and Maks Booted (Photo: ABC)

“I’m numb,” booted Brandy said backstage at ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ moments after getting the shocking news that she would not be making it to season finale. Most observers expected the singer and Jennifer Grey to be the final two facing off for that mirror ball trophy.

Holding back tears, Brandy was visibly shaken by arguably the upset-of-all-upsets, which found Bristol ‘The Pistol’ Palin making it through to next week’s two-night season finale instead.

It’s especially mind-boggling, considering the numbers: while showing much improvement over the course of the show, Bristol still spent more time at the bottom of the leaderboard than anyone else this season, while Brandy and Maks shined week after week and landed at the top of the leaderboard four times.

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“It’s gonna hit me tomorrow,” Brandy told reporters. “But, I mean, I gave it everything I had. I don’t have any regrets at all. I gave it everything I had.”

Even though most critics agree Bristol and Mark swiped Brandy and Maks’ spot in the finals, the ousted pair has no hard feelings toward the couple. During her exit, Brandy said, “I think America loves Bristol Palin. She’s so nice.”

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Maks, meanwhile, set the record straight with reporters about a recent rumor: “Most recently, Bristol said I don’t like her. I never said it. I want to make sure that people understand that I’m a dancer. That’s all I am. I don’t aspire to be a politician. I express my opinion only when it comes to dancing. This season I’ve been so focused on Brandy that I really didn’t look at anybody else. It’s probably been the most rewarding season for me because I didn’t just do my job as a dance professional but I was also helping a friend.”

When reporters later told Bristol that Maks claims he never said he didn’t like her, she gave this lukewarm response: “That’s good. Good to know.”

Watch Brandy’s Reaction to the Shocking Reveal:

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Here’s what else Brandy and Maks shared with reporters on their final night of ‘Dancing’:

Are you proud of how far you came?
Brandy: Absolutely. I’m so proud of me and I say that humbly. And, I’m very proud of Maks as well. I really tapped into a power that I thought was gone. I’m just so thankful for that.

Where do you go afterward, Maks? Did you go punch a wall or something?
Brandy: He’s been very calm tonight.
Maks: I’m absolutely fine. She taught me when this one door closes another one opens. And there’s definitely a bunch of doors being opened right now. And I feel blessed I’m here.

Do you agree that Bristol should not be in the finals because her dancing is not as good?
Maks: I agree that it’s up to the people.

Would you say this is one of the most shocking eliminations ever?
Maks: It’s a little unfair for us to answer that because I’m sure in their minds Tony’s elimination with Audrina was shocking and Rick Fox’s elimination was shocking. And Mario Lopez back in the day was shocking. I feel like every season there’s been a couple shocking eliminations.

Brandy, were you hoping your backstory package that aired on Monday would help you connect to the viewers even more?
Brandy: I just hoped that everybody connects from Week 1 until now. I just wanted people to enjoy, and to be inspired, every time we danced. I know a lot of people Tweet me and say things on Facebook, they seem to be inspired and moved by what we did on the dance floor and that’s the most important thing. That’s why I have no regrets. I can walk away knowing I gave this competition everything that I had in me to give and that’s it.

Is it comforting at least to know that the media is behind you? We’re all shocked and sad.
Brandy: It feels really good. I appreciate it, I really do.

What was your favorite moment of the season?
Brandy: My favorite moment was when I got my first 10 from Len. That felt amazing. It felt like a huge accomplishment.

You were asked to come back next week for the freestyle dance. Are you going to?
Brandy: I don’t know.

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