Conan Channels Oprah By Giving Away Cars To Viewers

After making a joke implying daytime TV is for the less intelligent, Conan O’Brien is nonetheless getting his Oprah on by giving away cars. Sort of.

They’re calling it the “20 Pine Tree Air Fresheners In 20 Nights Giveaway Spectacular Sweepstakes,” which basically means you can enter online to win one of 20 pine tree air fresheners which happen to be wrapped in a 2011 Chevrolet Cruze. They’ll be drawing a winner on every ‘Conan’ show night (Monday through Thursday) until December 21.

“This is the car destined to become our show’s first long-form product integration and online giveaway,” O’Brien announced with a sarcastic grin, after saying he wanted to thank his fans for making his new show possible.

There was no direct mention of Oprah Winfrey at all, but there was a self-deprecating joke in his monologue that could be taken the wrong way if one wanted to read into it. “A recent study just found that people with high IQs are more likely to be up late,” O’Brien said. “In a related story, TBS is moving us to afternoons at 3pm.” Does that mean daytime TV is for those with low IQs? Probably not, but take it as you will.

Also on last night’s ‘Conan,’ Harrison Ford broke the bleep barrier for the first time, revealing that they can certainly get away with more on basic cable than they could at NBC. When O’Brien asked Ford, who is a pilot in his leisure time, what he would have done if he was in the Sully Sullenberger situation, his simple response was “S–t and die.” And that s-bomb was left entirely unbleeped.

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