Food For Thought: What To Eat at New Reality Star-Themed Restaurant

Does watching your favorite reality TV stars work up your appetite? (Yeah, we didn’t think so.) But hey, ‘The Spin Crowd’s Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck are sure hoping that it does since they plan on opening the Reality Cafe on the Las Vegas Strip! (Is that groaning we hear coming from your mouth or your stomach?)

“Reality is here to stay and millions of people around the world love their favorite reality stars as much as movie stars,” Cheban stated. “Now they will be able to live, touch and eat their favorite reality moments.”

In a joint statement via, the two PR reality stars (and old pals of Kim Kardashian) announced that Reality Cafe will mirror Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood and will include pop culture memorabilia, along with dishes inspired by your fave reality TV stars. One item already set to be on the menu: ‘Real Housewives of New JerseyCaroline Manzo’s meatballs. (We’re assuming the accompanying sauce will be “thick as thieves.”)

Watch ‘The Real Housewives of NJ’  Top Ten Moments:

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Unless we rent a bulldozer and hitchhike to Vegas, it seems this opportunistic plan will carry through to reality, so it only makes perfect sense that we resort to our imagination to cope.

Here’s our own list of delectable delights we hope to see on the menu:

– Dr. Drew’s Keep-It-Sober Smoothie (no alcohol)
– We-Got-a-Situation Screwdriver
– Heidi Klum-cumber Salad with Seal-samic Vinaigrette
– Jessica Simpson Women-Can-Eat-Too Texas BBQ
– Snooki’s Spray-on Orange Roasted Chicken w/Fried Pickles on the Side
– Jake & Vienna’s Much-Publicized-Banana Split (sprinkled w/nuts)
– Pauly D’s Return-of-the-Mac & Cheese
– Speidi Humble Pie
– Kardashians Want S’Mores Fame Special
– Jennifer Grey Nose-Best Matzah Ball Soup
– Flipped-Out Teresa Giudice Burger with a Side of Spicy Staubgoblin Fries

What do you think of a reality stars-based restaurant? Would you eat at Reality Cafe? What would you like to see on the menu?

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