Jon Stewart’s Palins Policy: ‘Kids Are Off-Limits’ – Do You Agree?

Jon Stewart weighed in on the recent media obsession with the Palin family’s travails last night on ‘The Daily Show’ by saying that “kids are off-limits.”

“Who gives a s–t?” was his summation of the recent ‘Dancing with the Stars’ flap. “It’s Bristol Palin! She’s not running for anything. She’s not doing anything wrong. If you don’t like how far she’s going, don’t watch the show. I’m sure somewhere a ‘Real Housewife’ has gone off her meds and is about to make television history.”

As for Willow Palin’s to-do about using gay slurs on her Facebook page, Stewart shrugged that off as well. “Stop making me feel sympathy for the Palins!” he barked at the media. “It’s a 16-year-old kid’s Facebook page! ‘Coming up next, 9-year-old Piper Palin’s headless Barbie: accident or Pediatric Rage Disorder?'”

“Kids are off-limits,” he stated firmly. “As a matter of fact, we should all go out of our way to treat her children with kid gloves and respect to show that we don’t judge individuals and mock them purely based on who their parents are. You know the rules should be ‘would they become the object of national mockery if their mother wasn’t Sarah Palin?”

Then, to ironically illustrate his point, they showed a clip of Bristol’s painfully awful safe-sex PSA with The Situation of ‘Jersey Shore,’ then showed how hard it was NOT to make jokes at her expense. “This is very close to entrapment,” he complained, before doing a string of ridiculous jokes about that ridiculous guy and making a concerted effort to “keep the Palins out of it.”

Of course, ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ is still fair game, prompting ‘TDS’ correspondent Jason Jones to do a similar show about discovering the hidden natural wonders of Bayonne, New Jersey, featuring a rare “daytime Russian hooker fight.”

Watch last night’s ‘Daily Show’ right here.

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