Mike & Molly Touches On ‘Fatties’ Brouhaha This Monday

'Mike & Molly's Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell (CBS)

'Mike & Molly's Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell (CBS)

It turns out that ‘Mike & Molly‘ creator Mark Roberts was only partly kidding when he told Fancast that an upcoming episode of CBS’ hit freshman comedy would address last month’s Marie Claire brouhaha by having Molly cancel her subscription to the women’s mag.

‘Mike & Molly’ Boss: Magazine’s Attack On ‘Fatties’ Angered Me

Weeks after Marie Claire editors greenlit a blog (“Should ‘Fatties’ Get a Room?”) that presented disgust at ‘Mike & Molly’s “morbidly obese” characters and claimed the sitcom “implicitly promotes obesity,” Billy Gardell says the series will make a “tiny nod” to the controversy in a Thanksgiving-themed episode airing this Monday, November 22.

“It’s a very eloquently put thing that I get to say at the Thanksgiving speech that kind of says everything we feel,” Gardell shared with EW.com.

Marie Claire Writer Causes Fury Over Attack Against ‘Fatties’ on TV

By not putting too fine a point on the on-air “nod,” Gardell hopes that people can return to focusing on the show’s merits and not its instance of infamy at the hands of a snarky blogger. “It did give it a lot of attention,” he allows, “but I rather attention be got by the good work we’re doing.”

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