‘The Event’s Lisa Vidal Addresses First Lady Alien Rumors

Lisa Vidal plays Christina Martinez, ‘The Event’s‘ First Lady.  While her husband, the President, is neck deep in the conspiracy, so far Christina has been relegated to the sidelines.  The show has ramped up the drama over the past couple episodes, with the revelation that the Vice President was behind the attempted assassination of the president, and that alien leader Sophia is the mother of her nemesis, Thomas.  Vidal revealed that this is only the beginning of the excitement, speculated about the importance of Cuba to the show’s mythology and whether Jason Ritter’s character of Sean might be the Messiah.

The last episode ended with an assassination attempt on the Vice President.  Will he survive?
I cannot reveal that.  That’s one of the big questions for everyone.  Continue watching.  There’s more to find out about that whole thing.

Does the Martinez family have any idea who Dempsey is?
We don’t know who he is.  None of us know who Dempsey really is.

Christina has not had a lot of scenes so far.  Are we going to see more of her coming up?
Yes.  Yes you will. There’s going to be some good stuff coming up for Christina. I can’t share any of it, but they’re going to come.  I think that now that they’re starting to get more into the character, now that they’ve set [up] the idea of the show and the plot and what’s been going on, now you’re going to get to know the characters a lot more and it’s just much more involved.

A lot of people have wondered if Christina is a sleeper alien.
Wow.  That would be really interesting.  I don’t know.  They haven’t told me that.  Right now it has more to do with Christina being involved in what the Vice President has created for the family.  They’ll be addressing more of that.

Does she have any inside knowledge about what the Vice President was doing?
Not that I know of.  Again, for us, things start to unfold and we don’t actually know how deep our characters are involved until the producers decide to let our information out.  Everything is very secretive.

What is your theory about who the aliens actually are?
We were all discussing that the other day.  We did this panel  and some really different things came out of that.  A couple people had this theory maybe that the aliens are people from the future, that they’re actually us in the future.  I was like, “That would be kind of cool.”  It’s been kind of fun trying to figure it out.  As things unfold it’s pretty exciting to see who’s moving in the right direction about what’s going on.

It’s been established that Christina is Cuban.  Does Cuba have anything to do with the conspiracy?
We’re of Cuban descent.  Both Christina and the president were born in the states, but our parents were born in Cuba. I’ve wondered about the same thing because the producers were adamant about keeping the first family Latino.  So I wondered the same thing, whether or not there’s a tie to that, and her being born actually in Arizona.  There’s got to be some kind of hidden history there that I don’t know about yet.

Is Christina more like Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama?
I think she’s a little bit of Clinton, Obama and Jackie Kennedy.  She’s very strong an d very powerful in her own sense and very smart and intelligent.  She’s an attorney.  She’s also fiercely protective of her family and very much aware of the danger that they’re all in.

A lot of people think the Martinez family are fictionalized versions of the Obamas.  He is referred to as being idealistic.  He likes to approach everything from an intellectual angle, as well as them being minorities in the White House.  Is that how you see them?
I don’t think we’re supposed to be like the Obamas at all.  It’s absolutely progressive in its thinking in the sense that there’s this minority couple and there’s the first bipartisan [ticket.]  I do think that the president is assumed to be idealistic.  I think there’s a lot of power behind this president.  I think we have yet to see what he is capable of.   We haven’t touched upon that just yet.

Watch Deconstructing Episode 8:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Event/107060/1645981425/Deconstructing-Episode-8/embed 580 476]

Laura Innes is one of the few cast members who actually know what the Event is.  Have you attempted to persuade her to tell you?
I have not attempted to get Laura to tell me but I have attempted to get Ian [Dale] to tell me.  We’re all interested to see what The Event is and also how it’s evolved with what’s happening on the show.

What’s your theory about The Event?
I think maybe Jason [Ritter’s] character is like the Baby Jesus of the aliens.  Maybe there’s a whole new generation of people being created.  I think it definitely has to do with something in the future.   I wouldn’t say religious ideas, but definitely some of the philosophers said things or the Mayan calendar.

Why did the president have Michael Buchanan declared dead when he is actually alive and well?
I assume because it was part of the cover up and because I think they needed to find out information from Buchanan before anyone else did.  So because he knows so much, they had to make him quote unquote disappear.

Every first lady has a pet cause.  What is Christina’s?
Christina’s cause definitely has to do with children’s charities, children’s welfare, children’s education refugee children.  Definitely helping and being involved in the bettering of lives of children.  That’s her main focus.

Christina seemed pretty friendly to Sophia in the flashback scene when Sophia came to the white house. What is her stance on freeing the aliens?
I think at first the whole idea was very overwhelming to her.  But she does share her husband’s belief [that they should be freed.]  I think that’s why they’re such a great team because she’s worked very hard and she’s given up a lot for his presidency.  I think they feel that as long as they’re not hurting anybody they have a right to be free and to see a part of society as long as they’re safe and they’re not hurting anyone.  Why should they be imprisoned?

‘The Event’ debuted to great ratings.  NBC picked you up for a full season.  But recently the ratings have declined.  Are the producers considering retooling the show?
I don’t think that’s as big a concern only because I think NBC is very much behind this show and they put a lot into this show and they do realize we are up against some pretty huge competition, number one.  And number two, out show is the number one DVRd show.  That means that no matter what people are watching, they are DVRing our show and going back and watching it after whatever it is they are watching.  That’s out of all the networks and all the shows on the network, we’re number one.  That speaks volumes about how interested people are in the show.

NBC is making a lot of changes to its schedule.  Are you happy that ‘The Event’ is still going to be on Monday night?
Being that we’ve only been on Monday nights, if we can make it on Monday night, we can make it on any night.  I think that it shows how strongly NBC feels about the show.  I think that’s pretty cool.  It shows a lot of faith in the show.

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