‘Skating With the Stars’ Premiere Recap: Who’s On Thin Ice?

Rebecca Budig with partner Fred Palascak on Skating With the Stars (ABC)

Rebecca Budig with partner Fred Palascak on Skating With the Stars (ABC)

Last night’s live premiere of ‘Skating With the Stars‘ held all the promise of great prime time television:  skimpy outfits, dangerously razor sharp blades, unpredictable D-List celebrities who could come unglued at any moment…

But alas, there were no drunken spectacles or near-death experiences – just two hours of less than memorable routines that must have left some viewers wishing they could just vote for Bristol Palin.

Scoring is tallied half from audience votes, and half from the panel of expert judges: flamboyant Olympic skater Johnny Weir, choreographer-to-the-stars Laurieann Gibson and TV commentator Dick Buttons.

Get To Know The Cast:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Skating-with-the-Stars/141236/1656593686/Meet-the-Cast/embed 580 476]

So…who has the best chance to win?  Who may be the first celeb sent packing?  And who copped an unwanted feel during rehearsals?  Let’s recap…

Brandon Mychal Smith (and pro partner Keauna McLaughlin)
The star of Disney Channel’s ‘Sonny With A Chance’ oozes confidence.  He even dropped his pants during a rehearsal.  After kicking off the evening to “American Boy,” Laurieann called his performance “magical, fantastical,” and added “I can’t believe you have only been skating for five weeks.”
Total score: 36

Sean Young (and pro partner Denis Petukhov)
The oft-unpredictable actress has the least experience of any skater in the competition.  Still, her routine set to “Bubbly” prompted Weir to applaude, “I got you channeling bunnies frolicking across a beautiful meadow.”  Buttons also offered the mother of two a nugget of advice for her next routine: “Let it go a little more.  Put on some of those blade runners that you have.  Take off your girdle and let her fly.”
Total score: 34

Jonny Moseley (and pro partner Brooke Castile)
You’d think being around winter sports his whole life the Olympic gold medal skier would be a hand down favorite to win whatever it is that you win on ‘SWTS’.  And you wouldn’t be alone. “I know it looks like I’m the ringer,” Jonny told ESPN. “But as you’ve seen on (‘DWTS’), it’s more about the audience reaction and the votes. If I come in and think I can win it that quickly, I could be eliminated that quickly.”  So far, so good.  Weir said he “terrorized the ice…like a bull in a china shop.”
Total score: 40

‘Skating With The Stars’ Cast: Scared, Praying, & Nervous As Hell

Rebecca Budig (and pro partner Fred Palascak)
The ‘All My Children’ star gave the night’s most elegant – and highest scoring – performance.  Could this have something to do with a childhood spent skating with her older sister?  Either way, Budig and Palascak, a two time United States Eastern Sectional champion, look like early favorites to win it all.
Total score: 45

Vince Neil (and pro partner Jennifer Wester)
This could have been ugly.  An basically, it was.  The Motley Crue bad boy apparently won a youth skating contest when he was 7.  But his best move last night came when he “accidentally” grabbed his partner’s breast during a taped rehearsal.  Johnny gave Vince props for getting back on the ice after so many years, but said he really wanted to see more of “the rocker”.  Better happen soon.  Vince looks like he could be first to skate off the show next Monday.
Total score: 28

Bethenny Frankel (and pro partner Ethan Burgess)
You can’t really blame the Manhattan chef-turned-reality newlywed for not burning up the ice.  Her last time skating, she said, was at Rockefeller Center as a kid.  Still, Dick noted she is “one skinny babe.”  That was a compliment, right?
Total score: 29

What did you think of the premiere? Who looks like an early leader?

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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