Bristol Palin On Giving the Finger, ‘DWTS’ Loss

Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars (ABC)

Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars (ABC)

For such a mild-mannered, soft-spoken girl, many ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ viewers were quite surprised when Bristol Palin talked about wanting to flip off her haters on air during last night’s finale, where she and Mark Ballas came in third.

Amidst reports of robo-voting fans of her mother helping the challenged dancer stay in the game and very bad reviews of her performances week after week, the 20-year-old single mom told viewers that winning would be like “a big middle finger to all the people out there who hate my mom and hate me.”

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When asked after the results show Tuesday night if there had been times throughout the season she wanted to give that middle finger, she said, “Yeah. There’s been a few.”

She also didn’t hide her feelings about the press when asked a week early what her favorite and least favorite moments on the show have been. Her favorite, she said, “is just backstage, before a show or after a show when we’re all a group. I think it’s so much fun hanging out with everyone.”

She couldn’t come up with a least favorite part of the experience until a reporter joked, “how about the press?,” to which she responded, “That wasn’t even in my mind. But, yeah.”

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On what he’d say to the naysayers and haters, Mark said, “Watch the show for what it is. It’s a dance show. Enjoy it. Life is too short. There’s lots of bigger things. We’ve got soldiers out of the country. We’ve got people starving on all sides of the Earth. Those are the real things to worry about. Enjoy a dance show that brings you joy and light at the end of the day and enjoy life. Stop giving yourself a heart attack. We’re all here. We’re all healthy.”

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On Jennifer and Derek’s win, Bristol said, “They did awesome.” Mark added, “If this were the Olympics we’d still be on the podium, third place, we’d have that bronze medal. We’re happy to be here. This is a celebration tonight for Derek and Jennifer. They deserved it. They danced so well.

“I feel like I accomplished a lot. I’m just so thankful for Mark. He started from scratch on this whole thing. I’m thankful that he took on this challenge. I don’t know. I just had the time of my life. I didn’t expect to be so consumed in this, so into learning dances and learning everything, just consumed. In a good way.”

Do you think the press has been too harsh on Bristol? Do you think giving the finger is not quite fitting a politician’s daughter? Sound off on it in the comments below.

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