Opening: ‘Burlesque,’ ‘Faster,’ Tangled,’ ‘Love & Other Drugs’

by | November 24, 2010 at 4:33 PM | The Movies

Opening nationwide today is a quartet of films offering a little something for everybody. We’ve got Christina Aguilera’s film debut ‘Burlesque,’ Dwayne Johnson’s action flick ‘Faster,’ Disney’s lovely Rapunzel tale ‘Tangled’ and Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway starring in ‘Love and Other Drugs.’

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Christina Aguilera makes her film debut in this story of a small-town girl trying to make her way to stardom in a burlesque nightclub in Los Angeles run by Cher and Stanley Tucci, but despite friendship from Julianne Hough and the attentions of Cam Gigandet, catty dancer Kristen Bell is out to sabotage her shot at the spotlight.

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Disney brings us the classic fairy tale of Rapunzel with a contemporary sensibility, telling the story of a young princess (Mandy Moore) with magical hair who was kidnapped as a baby and raised in isolation by a wicked crone hoarding that magic for herself. But for her 18th birthday, a charming rogue (Zachary Levi) stumbles into her life and leads her out of her confinement and into a world of wonder and adventure.

Love and Other Drugs
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Jake Gyllenhaal stars as a pharmaceutical sales rep of dubious moral character who finds himself entranced by a free-spirited woman (Anne Hathaway) who has no interest in a serious relationship, but they both fall under the spell of that drug-like feeling against their better judgment.

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Dwayne Johnson is back in ‘The Rock’ mode with an action thriller about an ex-con fresh out of jail out to hunt down and kill everyone involved in the botched bank robbery that got his brother killed, and Billy Bob Thornton is the cop on his trail trying to prevent a bloodbath.