‘Bridalplasty’: Every Bride’s Dream Come True?

Bridalplasty (E!)

Bridalplasty (E!)

It’s dramatic enough when a show gets a bunch of rambunctious gals together in a ritzy house to compete, period. But add the chance of a full body plastic surgery makeover and a dream wedding and things are going to get exciting.

“At one point they were all bridezilla-ish,” said Dr. Terry Dubrow, the plastic surgeon on the ‘Bridalplasty,’ which debuts on E! on November 28. “When you take a bride and then you add plastic surgery and the pain of it and recovery process, you got the zilla right on it.”

“It got really competitive,” adds host Shanna Moakler (‘Meet the Barkers’), who says she hasn’t had any plastic surgery but has had injectables since age 27. “Some of these women had cancelled their weddings because they couldn’t afford them or they had timing issues, and this is their shot for a wedding of their dreams and to look how they always wanted. So, yeah, the competition was high.”

E!’s ‘Bridalplasty’: Terrible Idea? Or Shockingly Inspiring?

And with a fierce competition comes fights, drama, meltdowns, and madness. Here’s what we can expect:

The Conflicts: “Within the girls, there were some that really wanted the plastic surgery and then some who really wanted the big wedding. And those girls kind of clashed. That’s where a lot of the tension came from. Some girls would be like, ‘I’m here for the love and the wedding and I just want a nip and a tuck, but you don’t really love your fiancé — you’re just here for plastic surgery.’ They judged each other and a lot of conflict there,” said Moakler.

The Freak-Outs: “I think there were some girls that when the first one came back [after a procedure or surgery], they were freaked out. They realized this is really serious. This is real. This is happening,” said Shanna. “So, I think they switched to a differed portion of their wish list,” adds Dr. Dubrow. “These are procedures they wanted for a long time, but to see it first hand sometimes can be rough. It can freak you out.”

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The Challenges: “All of the challenges are bridal-based. We have challenges based on wedding gowns where they work as teams to help each other find the perfect gown, and a flower arrangement challenge where they worked with florists and we bring in expert judges. For instance, we went to Winnie Couture [in Beverly Hills] to do bridal gowns they helped pick winner and that winner gets to pick one procedure off her wish list to get done as her prize for winning that challenge. Not everyone gets a procedure. You have to win a challenge,” said Moakler.

The Meltdowns: “I think they all had one,” said Moakler. “When you get a bunch of brides competing for the ultimate wedding you’re going to get a lot of meltdowns,” said Dr. Dubrow. “I think there was tension about some who were huge candidates for a particular procedure and others were smaller candidates and when the one got it and not the other, there was conflict. They would get jealous envious or upset.”

The Grooms: “You could tell these were things these women who really thought about what they wanted and were really excited. So the grooms or fiancés were all really supportive. They called their fiancés before and after procedures and I thought they were loving little couples,” said Moakler. “The one comment I heard from grooms was go bigger on the breasts,” said Dr. Dubrow. How big did they go? “You’ll have to wait and see, but I would never go to a size not safe and appropriate. If it isn’t realistic I wont do it.”

The Bloody & Guts: Do we see a lot of blood? “I hope so, because that’s reality. But, yes, we do show some of the surgeries on this show. It was a complicated reality show to do. We had to blend surgery with a bridal competition show,” said Dr. Dubrow. “Not one of thee girls complained even right out of surgery. I remember asking them when they came out, ‘Are you feeling okay?’ And they were like, ‘I feel great!’ They were so happy.

‘Bridalplasty’ debuts on E! on Nov. 28 at 10/9c.

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