Could The Royal Wedding Be Broadcast In 3D?

The Royal couple announce their engagement.  (Chris Jackson, Getty Images)

The Royal couple announce their engagement. (Chris Jackson, Getty Images)

Your invitation to Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s wedding might be slow to arrive. In other words, don’t wait by the mail box. However, when the Royal couple exchanges “I Do’s” on April 29, you still might feel like you’re actually in Westminster Abbey – and closer than ever. According to reports, British broadcasters including Sky, BBC, and Virgin are mulling plans to televise the event live in 3D. It’s just “speculation at this point,” a Sky spokesperson told the Daily Mail, and a BBC executive added, the royal couple “were in their own time, their own space and we shouldn’t make assumptions yet about what our coverage should amount to.” Even though 3D requires a special TV, the idea has a strong appeal when connected to a worldwide event of the magnitude the Royal Wedding promises to be, and wouldn’t it be cool for the future King of England to embrace new technology?

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Right now, Xfinity TV On Demand offers a number of 3D choices, including ‘Deep Sea 3D,’ ‘NASCAR,’ and ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth.’ December will include ‘The Last Airbender’ and ‘Step Up 3D,’ among other offerings. The big question with 3D, though, concerns you, the consumer. Are you considering the purchase of a 3D television anytime soon? Does the advent of this technology in your home intrigue or excite you? If the Royal Wedding is televised in 3D, will it tempt you to purchase a special set or find someplace where you can watch in 3D?

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