Report: Sawyer Upset Over Breaking News in Wrong Places

Diane Sawyer (Photo: ABC News)

Diane Sawyer (Photo: ABC News)

Globetrotting ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer is reportedly frustrated that she’s been trotting to all the wrong places lately.

Call it bad timing: She was in China on a previously scheduled assignment when news broke in England that Prince William had become engaged. And she was back in New York, having left China several days before, when North Korea began shelling a South Korean island.

According to the New York Post, Sawyer’s been taking out her frustrations on her ‘World News‘ producers, though they can hardly be blamed for failing to predict that Prince William would suddenly announce his plans to marry Kate Middleton – an announcement for which most of the world’s media was unprepared – or that North Korea would launch a surprise attack on South Korea (after all, South Korea’s own defense minister apparently couldn’t predict it, and he was just sacked as a result).

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Nevertheless, the Post’s gossip page, Page Six, reports that Sawyer’s been “berating” her producers. “Diane is off-the-charts mad,” says a source quoted in the story. “She feels that she’s always poorly positioned.”

“She was even throwing around that she was in Afghanistan [last January] when the Haiti quake happened,” this source continued. “It’s impossible to predict breaking news, but she sometimes feels she is in the wrong place at the wrong time, and is taking it out on her producers.”

Whether or not Diane Sawyer is actually tearing up and down the hallways at ABC News ripping into producers, The Post story suggests the hotly competitive newswoman was frustrated mostly by the timing of a highly publicized interview her rival, NBC News anchor Brian Williams, had scored with Prince Charles. The interview was booked, conducted and scheduled before Charles’ eldest son announced his wedding plans, but it still benefited from unforeseen timing: The interview aired three days after Prince William’s announcement.

However, another source quoted by the Post insisted that speculation that Diane was jealous of the Prince Charles interview was “ridiculous.”

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