Joel McHale Playfully Mocks Regis Philbin To His Face

Joel McHale

Joel McHale

Joel McHale loves making fun of Regis Philbin on ‘The Soup,’ but on Monday McHale playfully mocked Reeg to his face during an appearance on ‘Live with Regis & Kelly.’

While discussing the comedian-actor’s hectic schedule, Philbin questioned, “What’s it like flying around like that?”

“Well, obviously you guys fly around a lot. And you knew the Wright brothers, I think,” McHale joked to applause from the audience.

Watch McHale Take Aim At Regis On ‘The Soup’ Below:

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The ‘Community‘ star continued to tell a story about an elderly couple sitting across from him on a plane, and paused to say, “I mean…not as old as [nodding at Philbin]… I’m kidding! I’m kidding.”

“Again!” an amused Philbin yelled. “He can’t stop!”

When talk turned to McHale’s E! clip show, Philbin said, “It seems to me like its the easiest job in the world. You and your staff go through all of the shows and whoever makes a goof all of the sudden becomes part of ‘The Soup.’ So you’re using our mistakes to make a little name for yourself.

“But I don’t think you use a bunch of my stuff, do you?” he cracked.

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“Oh my God. You are the foundation of the show,” Kelly Ripa added.

“Yes. On the periodic table of television, you are Carbon,” McHale said. “We need you. Without you we wouldn’t have a show.”

“That’s the third one!” Reeg shouted. “When does he stop?!”

During McHale’s last ‘Live’ appearance in May he said Regis could “come on the show [‘Community’] and play my great-grandfather.”

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