‘Simpsons’ Escalates its ‘Chopper’ War on Fox News

The Simpsons (FOX)

The Simpsons (FOX)

‘The Simpsons’ launched another stealth attack on Fox News Channel – the second such salvo in two weeks.

This time, the jibe – which once again involved a slogan printed on the exterior of a fictional Fox News helicopter – seemed to have been tacked on at the last minute, at the very beginning of the ‘Simpsons’ episode Sunday night on Fox, which happens to be co-owned by the same media company that owns FNC.

As the title ‘The Simpsons’ appeared on screen – set as usual in a blue sky with a smattering of fluffy clouds – an FNC news chopper suddenly swooped past, emblazoned with the words: “Fox News: Unsuitable for viewers under 75.”

The image came and went in seconds. It was the only reference to Fox News in the entire episode, which dealt mainly with Bart’s newfound attachment to an injured pigeon he nursed back to health. The image was apparently so stealthy that it doesn’t even appear on the episode you can watch here.

A week earlier, ‘The Simpsons’ garnered a motherlode of extra publicity when it poked fun at FNC with another news chopper. The story became so widespread that even Bill O’Reilly commented on it on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ on FNC, labeling the show’s producers “pinheads” for accusing FNC’s talk-show personalities of racism. That day, the words on the helicopter were: “Fox News: Not Racist But #1 With Racists.”

The publicity bonanza reaped a week earlier has us thinking the ‘Simpsons’ producers inserted their latest FNC “slogan” at the last minute to drum up another week’s worth of publicity.

What do you think of ‘The Simpsons’ apparent war on FNC? Are the ‘Simpsons’ producers pinheads or patriots?

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