‘Celebrity Rehab’ Patients Reveal Sexual Abuse, Prostitution, Thoughts of Suicide

Rachel Uchitel and Leif Garrett (Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Vh1)

Rachel Uchitel and Leif Garrett (Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Vh1)

Janice Dickinson wants to hang herself.

The former supermodel – and all around hot mess – says severe alcoholism and years of abuse at the hands of her father have left her ready to take her own life.

On season four of ‘Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew‘ – premiering Wednesday at 10/9c on Vh1 – the self-described “damaged beauty” reveals:

“I was locked in car trunks.  I was taped and gagged so that he could have his way (with her sister).  I was locked in a silent terror of a monster… I am an alcoholic.  And a chemically dependent woman.  I want to drink and I want to party.  My behavior is becoming unsober-like because I hit menopause.”

Janice, 55, also reveals “I haven’t felt good for months.  Maybe a couple of years.  The shame is overbearing… I wanted to go to the bathroom and try to hang myself. I want it to end!”

So who’s cut off their family?  Who can’t pee in a cup?  And who used to walk the streets for money? It all comes out as eight “celebrities” try to conquer their demons…

JASON DAVIS (Billionaire Playboy)
The grandson of a billionaire oil tycoon shows up at The Pasadena Recovery Center with both hands bandaged from a freak “cooking” accident. “(After) nine interventions and an arrest, the cat was out of the bag,” he says of his three year heroin addiction.  “My mom cut me off.  Look at me now.  I am 25 and I walk with a cane.  I don’t want to be broke.  I don’t want to die.  I want to get cleaned up, get sober and show the world that I am not a joke.”

He’s been nominated for an Oscar but is still more famous for being Emma’s dad and Julia’s brother. “I cleaned up years ago, but I am (still) a pot head,” he says.  “That is the last thing I have to get rid of.”  Well, that and: “I am your standard A-hole when I am not dosed.”

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JEREMY LONDON (Actor, ‘Party of Five’)
Jeremy reveals he was physically abused from the ages of six to nine.  But things got really bad when two of his siblings were killed in unrelated car wrecks. “It changed me. You find yourself dealing with emotional pain and needing to remedy that,” he says.  So he started using pot, then painkillers.  He turned his back on his twin brother and parents when they accused him of fabricating a story about being kidnapped last year.  “They are out of my life,” he says.  “They are gone.”

LEIF GARRETT (Former Teen Idol)
“I achieved a level of fame that people only dream of…and I threw it all away for drugs,” says Leif, 48, who showed up to rehab so high he peed all over the floor giving a urine sample.  “(I am) using 1/2 a gram to a gram (of heroin) a day,” he admits.  “I have gone through easily a million dollars of narcotics from the age of 16. I am at rock bottom.”

FRANKIE LONS (Mother of R&B Singer Keyshia Cole)
Frankie has been picked up by the Po-Po a total of 33 times, she says.  “I have been arrested for crack.  I have been arrested for public intoxication… I used to be a prostitute, so nightfall is a trigger for me. I am like a vampire.  Sleep all day and as soon as it gets dark I get the energy from out of nowhere.  I am out of control and I need help.”

JASON WAHLER (Reality Star)
“Every single time I drink it gets worse,” says the 23 year-old TMZ regular who was arrested four times in six months in four different states.  “I am pretty normal when I don’t drink.  When I drink I become totally different.  It is like Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.  I think I have hit rock bottom.  If it is not this, it is death.”

RACHEL UCHITEL (Tiger Woods’ Mistress)
“For me to say I am here for love addiction sounds so ridiculous,” says the infamous party girl who declined to talk about her most famous fling on camera. “If we are going around in a circle and everyone is saying ‘I am on meth’ and ‘I am on this and that’ and I am like, ‘Oh, I am addicted to love,’ I feel like a total asshole.  I feel like it is an insult for them for me to be here.”

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