‘Skating’s Bethenny Frankel: ‘Why The Heck Did I Do This?’

Bethenny Frankel (ABC)

Bethenny Frankel (ABC)

Between flying back and forth from New York to Los Angeles to film two shows (‘Bethenny Ever After’ in the Big Apple and ‘Skating with the Stars‘ in Tinseltown), running her various businesses, and balancing motherhood, Bethenny Frankel is beginning to doubt her sanity.

Needless to say, it’s a lot to take on. “It really is,” Bethenny told reporters after ‘Skating’ on Monday night. “It’s like the Mafia, and I can’t get out because I’m committed and I love [my partner Ethan Burgess] and I have to do this now for him. But there are days that I’m like, ‘Why the heck did I do this’? But ultimately it is really fun.”

Though she doesn’t want to be one of those competition show contestants that complains about how hard it is (uh-hum, Jennifer Grey), she does say that flying with her six-month-old daughter Bryn is rough and the lack of sleep led to a bit of a “nervous breakdown” as seen on the show last night. “But I don’t complain, don’t explain,” she joked. When the sleep deprivation hit her really hard? “I took a sleeping pill,” she said.

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Luckily for her reality TV viewing audience, all of this plays out on season two of ‘Bethenny Getting Married?‘ on Bravo, which has been renamed ‘Bethenny Ever After.’ “You’ll see some skating on ‘Bethenny Ever After,’ she said. “[And] issues with the in-laws, religion, first year of marriage, all that I have taken on and trying to balance it all and throw [‘Skating’] into the mix like a complete stark raving lunatic. “

Adding to the drama are the ‘Skating’ judges who have hammered on her these past two weeks after she thought she skated well. “I thought I was a badass. I thought I was phenomenal. I had the best time. I am the woman Johnny Weir wants to be and he clearly has an issue with that,” she joked.

After Monday’s performance, the Olympic judge told her that he wanted to see “more sex,” so Bethenny has a plan. “Next week we are going to have sex on the ice and see if we can get better scores. Fornication on the ice, that’s my plan because I want scores and I may not even wear a top.”

Now that would help the show’s ratings!

Are you excited for Bethenny’s new season on Bravo? How do you think she’s doing on ‘Skating?’

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