Chelsea Handler Talks Trash & Shakes Up ‘The Tonight Show’

by | December 1, 2010 at 11:56 AM | Late Night, The Tonight Show, TV News

The notoriously raunchy Chelsea Handler of ‘Cheslea Lately’ dropped in on Jay Leno last night, and her unfiltered brashness really shook up the normally stodgy ‘Tonight Show’ atmosphere.

She was completely unabashed with her commentary on dating guys from her show, the rumors about her relationship with 50 Cent, her vacation with Jennifer Aniston and even passing gas around Cher. She also traded pointed barbs back and forth with Leno that drew out the sharp snark that was his trademark before he set his sights on being as banal as possible for mass appeal. Leno also took delight in embarrassing her with unflattering paparazzi shots, completely justifying her digs on his man-boobs and how rarely he’s funny.

Watch the Chelsea interview right here.