‘Top Model’ Finale: Who Should Win – Chelsey or Ann?

Top Model's Ann and Chelsey (The CW)

Top Model's Ann and Chelsey (The CW)

A tall order is about to make her way to ‘Top Model’ status tonight, but which gal will reign supreme? Will it be gap-toothed Chelsey or sky-high Ann?

Tonight’s episode takes the final two underdogs through CoverGirl commercial and print-ad shoots, a meeting with Ian Bart of IMG Models, and the opportunity to walk the runway decked out in Roberto Cavalli garb.

We took a look at the pros and cons of each model to see what they’re up against:

1) Her gap had us at hello.
2) She’s hungry to be in the industry…(like, helloo, she actually allowed Tyra to hire a dentist to widen her gap!)
3) At 22 she’s got her head on straight.
4) She knows her fashion designers.
5) She has modeling experience.
6) You could easily see her doing high fashion work.

1) She hasn’t been wowing the judges with her photos.
2) She sometimes takes tranny pics.
3) She’s at the ‘older’ end. Unless she’s the next Heidi Klum, her days in the modeling industry are numbered.

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1) She’s 6’2″. She could fall into the unique uber tall model category, making her stand out from the rest of her Amazonian competition.
2) The judges seem to be under an inexplicable spell, believing virtually every shot she takes is magic.
3) She’s teachable and is able to mold into the the type of model people want her to be.

1) She’s 6’2″. Unless she’s got something to show, not many gals that tall are easily accepted in the industry.
2) Her dork factor is off the charts!
3) Her low-octave man voice makes you wonder if she can really pass as a CoverGirl spokesperson.
4) Although natural, her thinness is arguably off-putting. (After all, she was the cause of the Waist-Gate controversy that put Miss Tyra in hot water!)
5) She needs some real coaching to slough off her extreme shyness.
6) Her runway strut reminds us of a Walker from ‘The Walking Dead.’

Who We’d Like to See Win: Chelsey! Aside from turning out to be the true underdog of this cycle (and who doesn’t like an underdog?), we think she’s ready and has got the whole package.

What do you think? Who would you like to see win ‘Top Model’ tonight?

The ‘Top Model’ finale airs tonight on the CW at 8/7c.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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