Watch: Justin Long Hilariously Ruins ‘4th Hour’ Segment

Justin Long and Kathie Lee Gifford (NBC)

Justin Long and Kathie Lee Gifford (NBC)

Filling in for a vacationing Hoda Kotb, Justin Long was out of control on ‘Today‘s 4th Hour Thursday.

First he imitated Kristen Wiig’s boozy Kathie Lee impression to her face (just days after Joel McHale did this to Reeg). Then he surprised producers by cursing on-air and talking about his “junk.”

But it wasn’t until a segment about thoughtful holiday gifts did he finally shift into full-on crazy mode. Watch below as he rubs sugar on his teeth as if it were cocaine, refers to Saturday as “Methday,” and jokes about Rufie-ing Kathie Lee’s wine. By the end, poor “Kath” is just grasping at straws. Did he forget he was on morning television?!

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