TV Shows, Sarah Palin Influence 2010’s Hottest Baby Names

'Mad Men' (Photo: AMC)

'Mad Men' (Photo: AMC)

Baby Center has released its list of top 100 baby names and reports trendy TV character names are gaining in popularity.

Names from ‘Glee,’ ‘Mad Men’ and even ‘16 and Pregnant‘ are inching their way up the list. Quinn – a teen mom herself on Fox’s hit glee club show – jumped in popularity 60 percent and came close to cracking the top 100. Finn, Jenna and Lea (as in Lea Michele, who plays Rachel) all inched up as well.

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Cable has also proved a source with Betty, as in the former Mrs. Don Draper from ‘Mad Men,’ going from near obscurity, up a thousand places to No. 868. Freddy, the drunken Sterling Cooper copywriter, climbed up 43 percent from last year to No. 801 and Roger also rose 21 percent.

From the ‘Teen Mom‘ roster, Maci (60 percent), Farrah (51 percent) and Ebony (31 percent) all enjoyed gains, while fit-prone Amber dropped 15 percent.

Credit pop culture as well for the rise in popularity of Sarah Palin’s daughter’s names. Bristol rose 15 percent to 532, Willow rose 16 percent to 245 and Piper missed the top 10 by one point. Bristol’s baby daddy Levi even makes the rankings at No. 74.

The most popular overall name among boys remains Aiden (in all its spellings), while Isabella fell to No. 2 for girls to make way for Sophia.

TV names pop up throughout the top 100 with Addison (‘Private Practice‘) at No. 9 for girls, and Jacob (‘Lost‘ or ‘Twilight‘ – you decide) at No. 2 for boys.

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