Two ‘Real Housewives’ Marriages Go Down the Drain

Taylor Armstrong and NeNe Leakes (Bravo)

Taylor Armstrong and NeNe Leakes (Bravo)

It seems like every 15 minutes, a ‘Real’ Housewife is announcing she’s putting the kibosh on her marriage—some argue that it’s a “Housewives curse”; we call it plain ole’ divorce statistics splattered on reality TV.

So who are the latest leading ladies who are feeling marital purgatory this season? ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ NeNe Leakes and ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Taylor Armstrong.

As loud as NeNe is about everything, she’s quite surprisingly mum about the details of her personal fallout with estranged hubby Gregg. All we end up seeing is a brooding taciturn man who further buries himself in his Man Cave when his wife of 13 years starts to overpower him with her booming ‘I’m-Gonna-Bust-You-Up-Fool-If-You-Don’t-Talk-to-Me’ rants (it’s the NeNe way of saying they need to communicate). No matter—on last week’s episode, she started making plans to file for divorce.

And then there’s skinny minnie Taylor, who’s been complaining from the get-go about her workaholic, uncommunicative, and unaffectionate hubby Russell. Unlike NeNe, she kowtows to her man because he controls the purse strings (and what self-respecting woman in this economy wants to forfeit her personal stylist or the opportunity to throw $50K birthday bashes for her pre-K kiddie)? Oh, and the duck-billed platypus look she’s sporting isn’t just for vanity’s sake: Taylor’s claimed her facial-filling upkeep is collateral to keep Russell-Pooh faithful.

Check out this clip from last night’s episode, in which an upset Taylor confides to Kyle that she has more of “business partner” in Russell than a friend. (A personal thanks to their allergy-inducing puppy Snowball for exacerbating this destructive avalanche that Taylor calls a marriage. We like to call it ‘The Snowball Effect.’)

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What do you think of NeNe and Taylor’s marital strife?

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