SNL: Robert De Niro Does Drag

by | December 5, 2010 at 12:56 PM | Saturday Night Live

Robert De Niro and Diddy (NBC)

Robert De Niro and Diddy (NBC)

Robert De Niro had some fun with hair pieces as host of ‘Saturday Night Live‘ this weekend. There were surprise appearances by Robin Williams and De Niro’s ‘Little Fockers‘ co-star Ben Stiller, but the best unexpected moment of the night came when the Oscar-winner donned a ridiculous wig, fake breasts, and a tight-fitting sweater in a sketch with musical guest Diddy. (Billed as Diddy-Dirty Money, Diddy performed with Dawn Richard and Kalenna.)

De Niro (in a shorter wig) nailed a commercial parody as a suspense author shilling a book called The Abacus Conundrum.

Williams popped by for a nearly-mute spot in another goofy “What’s Up With That?” segment.

Stiller and De Niro poked fun at ‘Little Fockers’ in a sketch with Bobby Moynihan as a crazed movie fan.

Stiller returned again for an episode-capping piece where both he and De Niro sported flowing gray locks and matching beards.

How do you think De Niro did?