Danielle Staub Gets Sued By Ex-Hubby—For a Second Time

Reality Star Danielle Staub (Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Reality Star Danielle Staub (Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Danielle Staub’s reality show might be as obscure as an alien sighting, but her lawsuits are squawking from the hills! Case in point: Ex-hubby Kevin Maher is suing the former ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey‘ star and her book publisher Simon & Schuster for defamation of character, E! Online reports.

What’s got Maher so riled up? Apparently, he doesn’t like being described as “a crazed animal” hellbent on beating his then-wife for hours, which is but one of many uncomplimentary depictions the Staub-Goblin has scribed in her autobiography, The Naked Truth.

“This time around, I don’t have to prove anything,” Maher told E! News. “Simon & Schuster was warned back in February of this year that if they printed any lies about me we would sue. They claim in their book I beat this woman and went to prison—that’s an outright lie that they cannot prove. Therefore, I will win and they will lose.”

But this isn’t the first time Maher sued his ex-wife. In 2009 he dropped a $5 million defamation suit on the drama queen for describing him as a rapist, drug addict, and dog killer; the two eventually settled out of court. This time it appears he’s doubling the stakes, seeking $10 million in damages.

“I guarantee that the worst day of Danielle Staub’s life will be the day of her deposition, a day in which she will have to choose to either continue lying, and go to jail, or tell the truth, and I win,” Maher states.

Who do you believe? Is Staub-licious getting what was coming to her, or is she just guilty of marrying the wrong dude?

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