Roloffs’ Marriage in Trouble as ‘Little People’ Ends its Run

‘Little People, Big World’ ended its storied run with uncertainty Monday night on TLC as little parents Matt and Amy Roloff admitted their marriage is in trouble.

Clearly, this family of little people who live on a pumpkin farm was at a crossroads in their lives as the series completed production a few months ago. Monday’s finale – comprising two back-to-back half-hours – brought an end to one of TV’s pioneering shows after six seasons. ‘Little People, Big World’ was the first big hit reality series to showcase people with physical challenges who nevertheless lead lives much like yours and mine.

On Monday’s shows, Matt and Amy were seen bickering, while trying to navigate the changes in their lives that were the natural result of their kids getting older. Two of them – twins Jeremy and Zach (he’s the “little” person of the pair) – were seen taking the first steps toward striking out on their own at age 20, looking for jobs outside the farm and calculating the costs of moving into their own apartment together.

By the episodes’ end, they had decided to put off the move until they could put more money away. Their decision was made easier when Matt and Amy decided not to put the farm up for sale quite yet, which meant the boys could stay home.

Watch Matt & Zach share a moment:

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But the decision to hold on to the farm a while longer also meant Matt would not be relieved of the pressures of management and maintenance that have apparently made him very unhappy. In fact, as fans of the show have noticed for some time, the pressures of his life have turned Matt into somewhat of a hard-ass. On Monday’s show, he complained that the boys are not helping him enough in managing the farm. He even called wife Amy “lazy.”

“Do you expect me to just take care of the farm on my own waiting for your brat kids to stumble into my life?” Matt asked the boys over a family meal after they told him they didn’t think they could afford their own place.

“The state of our marriage is pretty rocky,” Amy admitted on the show. “It’s pretty iffy.” Indeed, the body language of husband and wife, when they were seen alone together yet sitting far apart while they watched a sunset and came to a decision about the fate of the farm, indicated they were having problems relating to one another.

Apparently, though, they haven’t split up entirely, at least according to Matt. On his Facebook page in recent days, Matt wrote of a family Thanksgiving that seemed to be harmonious, though one of the Facebook entires implied he took a vacation to Maui without Amy.

We wish the Roloffs all the best. And we will miss their show. Will you?

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