‘Skating’: Blood, Stitches, & A Motley Man Out

Jennifer Wester and Vince Neil of 'Skating with the Stars' (Photo: ABC)

Jennifer Wester and Vince Neil of 'Skating with the Stars' (Photo: ABC)

Skating with the Stars,’ the show that is being hailed as the “most dangerous show on TV,” is finally living up to that description.

Not one, not two, but three contestants were rushed to the emergency room this week for injuries or ailments sustained during rehearsals, leaving one star out of last night’s competition entirely, one competing but stitched and bandaged up, and one a little worse for wear but still able to skate her butt off.

With the show airing only one day a week, that means each performance show is also an elimination show, and the second contestant to unlace their ice skates and head back to reality was Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil, who tied for last place on the leaderboard with reality star/chef Bethenny Frankel this week.

“My feet are very happy. My brain is bummed,” Vince told us after the elimination. He’s especially bummed that he didn’t get a chance to skate to the Motley Crue hit “Girls, Girls, Girls.” But, he will be back for the finale on Dec. 21.

That aside, on to the good stuff: Blood! Puke! And emergency rooms! Oh my!

First up, Brandon Mychal Smith, star of Disney’s ‘Sonny With a Chance,’ was unable to perform last night because he started vomiting on the set early on Monday. (Puke on the ice = not nice.) Show reps confirmed that a 911 call was made Monday morning from the CBS Television lot where ‘SWTS’ is taped, and Brandon was taken away by ambulance to the hospital. They think it’s food poisoning and hope he’ll be back next week. The judges ended up having to score the star based on his last rehearsal.

The most severe injury, however, came when Olympic skier Jonny Moseley accidentally skated over his partner Brooke Castile’s hand when he tripped during rehearsal. She ended up in the emergency room too and received several stitches in her finger, which was sliced to the bone. The pair, though, went on with the show – bandaged hand and all.

Next up, ‘All My Children‘ star – and ‘Skating’ frontrunner Rebecca Budig – ended up in the ER this week as well after a fall in rehearsal resulted in a swollen wrist. It turned out it wasn’t sprained or broken, and she was good to go. “It’s sore. I’m just gonna tape it up and hope it gets better,” said Rebecca after the show. “I’m good. I’m ready to sleep. This is a very, very stressful week.”

Injuries Plague This Week’s ‘Skating with the Stars’

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Triple ouch, but the show went on and here’s how it looked. The theme this week was love stories and the required element was a jump where the contestant had to be airborne and land on one foot.

Jonny Moseley and Brooke Castile
The Olympian just couldn’t stand on his feet. He fell three times in rehearsal – one resulting in the aforementioned injury to his partner – and he didn’t make it through the routine once … until show time. Johnny Weir called the performance insanely “beautiful.” Dick Buttons noted his improvement and his Tom Cruise good looks. And Laurieann Gibson called it romantic, emotional, and vulnerable.
Technical Score: 24
Artistic Score: 27
Total Score: 51

Rebecca Budig and Fred Palascak
Wrist pain aside, her performance of a tumultuous love affair to Katy Perry’s “Hot ‘N Cold” was the highlight of the night. The pencil lifts were super cool and her required jump (a flip jump) was flawless. “That was wonderful. The lifts were stunning … You’re the most natural skater we have. It was beautiful,” said Johnny. Dick loved her flirtiness in the beginning when she draped him with her garment and noted her confidence. “The lifts were sensational. You were really channeling your Dorothy Hamill inner self,” he added. Laurieann said, “Great job.”
Technical Score: 25
Artistic Score: 25
Total Score: 50

Brandon Mychal Smith and Keauna McLaughlin
Scored on their rehearsal performance because he fell ill, this was hard to critique. The package was fun, though, as he brought in his buddy and ‘Dancing with the Stars’ finalist Kyle Massey and his dancing partner Lacey Schwimmer for help to get into the romantic character needed for the routine. Two odd comments, though: Keauna said she wished it were she who was sick because she would have skated anyway. Was that a dig? And Johnny Weir noted that, like Brandon, he’s had a doctor tell him he was too sick to perform and he went on anyway. When asked after the show to elaborate, Johnny told us he thought Brandon should have skated. Double dig. The judges liked what they saw, though. Laurieann called it “magical.” Johnny still views him as “one of my favorites,” and Dick liked his confidence. Lot of confidence last night.
Technical Score: 18
Artistic Score: 21
Total Score: 39

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/CelebTV/105735/1687911685/Skating-with-the-Stars–Injury-Report/embed 580 476]


Bethenny Frankel and Ethan Burgess
Another bitchy moment came when Johnny Weir snapped at Bethenny for taking the judges’ comments too personally (uh, remember what she said in our article here on Fancast last week about Johnny wishing he could be her. Sounds like he read it!). “When we judge you, it’s not on a personal level. We judge what you do on the ice … So you need to listen to us as professionals,” said Johnny, who noted that she was better than last week and insisted “We’re here to help you, not hurt you.” Laurieann said, “That was heavenly. It was angelic.” Dick asked her to take charge more.
Technical Score: 17
Artistic Score: 19
Total Score: 36

Vince Neil and Jennifer Wester
He might have been a little awkward, had bad posture, and seemed a tad bit old man-ish on the ice last night, but damned if there wasn’t something super sweet about Vince’s performance. Laurieann loved his showmanship and musicality. Johnny said he was “amazing with the skating skills.” Dick stumbled over an analogy about how he’s the new TSA airport x-ray machines and can see right through one, saying he’s the TSA of ‘Skating with the Stars’ and he can see that there is talent in him. But the nice comments didn’t quite match up with the not-so-nice scores and in the end, Vince and Jennifer were voted off.
Technical Score: 16
Artistic Score: 20
Total Score: 36

What did you think of Monday night’s show? It’s getting better, isn’t it? Hit the comments and let us know.

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