‘Idol’ Makeover Mania: More Changes Under Consideration

'American Idol' (Photo: Fox)

'American Idol' (Photo: Fox)

Is it time for ‘Real World: American Idol’ and ‘Idol Road Rules’?

Producers of ‘American Idol,’ which is heading into its 10th season with two new judges and a new time slot, are considering adding a reality show-style “Top 12 House” and a road trip to Las Vegas this season.

(Well, they have to do something to distract us from the fact Simon Cowell is gone….)

The Hollywood Reporter says series mastermind Simon Fuller is promoting “transparency” as a theme in the production this year. The Top 12 are expected to live together in a house in the Hollywood Hills and to interact with fans via Twitter.

Whether or not any of the house footage makes the show seems to depend on whether it ends up interesting or not.

Producers may also pack up and head to Vegas for something with Cirque du Soleil’s Beatles inspired ‘Love’ show.

‘American Idol’ Faces New Challenges in ‘Hollywood Week’

‘Idol’ is currently filming what is believed to be the biggest group for ‘Hollywood Week’ ever with 325 contestants. That pool will be winnowed to 60 for the Vegas trip, from which 40 will return to be further narrowed down to the 12 who would live in the house.

Of course, logistics are one thing, perhaps more importantly, ‘THR’ quotes insiders as describing the ‘Idol’ talent level this year as “amazing.”

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