Will Nathan Fillion Make a Cameo on ‘One Life to Live’?

Nathan Fillion (Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Nathan Fillion (Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Nathan Fillion Wants to Do A Cameo On ‘One Life To Live’

Castle‘ and ‘Firefly‘ star Nathan Fillion is apparently keeping very close tabs on his former soap ‘One Life to Live.’  In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the original adult Joey Buchanan revealed that he would like to welcome the new Joey, Tom Degnan, to the show  by playing a cameo.

Asked a question about who he would theoretically like to play on ‘Glee’, Fillion answered, then continued unprompted, “I would also love to go back to One Life to Live. They just got a new Joey, the character I played, so I would love to go back and just do a walk-on where Joey’s in the middle of something super serious, [acts out bumping into him] and says, ‘Oh, hey. Sorry,’ and then just keep waking. I would love to do that…  Not even say anything, just an ‘Excuse me.”‘And then him go, ‘Wait, was that? No …’ I always think those are hoots. I heard recently that One Life to Live did a little nod to Castle. One of the characters was being interrogated by my uncle Bo Buchanan and he said, ‘No, no! This isn’t Traffic. I know how this goes, I watch Castle!'”

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Fillion, who asked his fans about the ‘Castle’ reference on Twitter last week, deserves kudos for his continued support of Llanview.  It’s not like Josh Duhamel explained that he was kicked off a plane for using his Blackberry by saying he was using it to catch up on ‘All My Children.’  Fillion’s cameo idea is totally in keeping with the show’s penchant for meta moments, so I suspect that if Fillion’s schedule permits it, it will happen.  There was another mini-‘Castle’/OLTL crossover last night when Nathaniel Marston (ex-Al Holden/Michael McBain) guest-starred as a dock worker using a dead man’s union card.

‘General Hospital’ Mystery: Why Did Johnny Shoot Jerry’s Henchman?

There is so little actual plot on ‘General Hospital‘ these days that it seems inexplicable that something significant would happen off-camera.   With most episodes consisting almost entirely of characters having repetitive conversations about Brenda, an actual incident seems like something that should be highlighted.  Apparently, the show’s writers disagree with me.

Last Friday, Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) were in one of their numerous showdowns with one of Port Charles’s numerous henchmen.  This one was working for Jerry Jax.  Though Sam fired her gun, the nameless thug was killed by sniper fire.  Jason fired back at the unseen assailant.  Cut to Johnny (Brandon Barash) returning to his penthouse bleeding, the implication being that he was the killer.  Or maybe Jason was just a lousy shot and Johnny got got in the crossfire.

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The show never specified what happened to Johnny.  While Jerry took Johnny hostage a couple of years ago, there have been no hints that there is a war brewing between them, that Johnny is involved with the Balkan, or anything else that would make this plot twist make sense. His gunshot wound just seemed like an excuse for him to blackmail Lisa (Brianna Brown) into stitching him up in his home without reporting the shooting to the police.  He did not even give his girlfriend, Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) an explanation for what happened during their fifty-ninth break up conversation.

Are the writers clumsily leading to a reveal that Johnny is working with the Balkan to reinforce that he is the evil mobster while Sonny is the good mobster?  Or have they not figured out why Johnny was involved in the shoot out yet?   Perhaps it will be cleared up in the same episode that Lucky finds out that he is the father of Elizabeth’s baby.

All it would have taken to make things clear was Johnny telling Ethan, “I seized an opportunity to get a little vengeance on an old enemy.  I hope it won’t come back to bite me.”  In fewer words than it takes Spinelli to proclaim his love of  Brenda, viewers would have a little clarity.

Soap Rant: Only Kelsey Grammer Ends His Marriage Via Text Message

Monday’s ‘One Life to Live‘ relied on one of the worst soap cliches: faked break-up via technology.  Crazy, evil Eddie (John Wesley Shipp) used Nora’s (Hillary Smith) phone to text Bo claiming that Nora could not forgive him for bringing up her one night stand with Sam Rappaport during their argument, and suggesting he even the score by by sleeping with Inez.

This plot device almost always drives me batty.  The only time I have ever bought it is on ‘The Good Wife‘ — and that show’s brilliant writers made it work by having the villain erase one of two legitimate voice-mails between two people who were not yet dating.

A few years ago, ‘Days of Our Lives‘ Bo and Hope broke up thanks to a forged e-mail.  Ridge cheated on Taylor for the same reason.  With the exception of Kelsey Grammer, older people in longterm relationships do not behave this way.  Arguing and breaking up via text or e-mail is the what people who are casually dating and under the age of thirty do. Married people tend to have conversations about such things.  Yet, inevitably, upon receiving the completely uncharacteristic missive from their significant other, the party not only believes it, but fails to have a follow up conversation with their partner about it.

Nora’s 1000 character text did not sound like her.  She would never advise Bo to cheat on her.  I would think that police commissioner Bo would immediately realize something was wrong and start investigating.  Instead he was like, Wow, my fifty-something wife just told me off then suggested I boink a woman she hates. Man, this sucks. I am really in the doghouse.  Though Bo gets a little bit of credit for not immediately hopping into bed with Inez the way most soap men do. OLTL has been entertaining and relatively smart of late.  I am disappointed that the show resorted to such a hackneyed plot device.

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