Emily Deschanel Confesses: There May Be ‘Bones’ Heartbreak

Emily Deschanel of 'Bones' (Photo: Fox)

Emily Deschanel of 'Bones' (Photo: Fox)

Thursday’s new episode of ‘Bones‘ puts Brennan in a confusing and emotionally vulnerable position, and fans hoping it will lead to romance with Booth (David Boreanaz) might be disappointed, star Emily Deschanel said.

When a doctor whose life revolves around her work is found dead, Brennan sees herself in the victim. “She starts relating to the character, believing that it’s her. She starts seeing her own life and that she made a mistake when she said no to Booth last year,” Deschanel said in a conference call with reporters Friday.

The experience, which also has her talking to a night watchman (Enrico Colantoni) who may not even be real, makes her face her feelings. “(The case) forces Brennan into a place where she is bold and kind of aware of her feelings in a way that she hasn’t been before.”

“She kind of goes out on a limb and says to Booth: ‘I’m here.”

The fallout in upcoming episodes “may not be the reaction people want from Brennan – but she rarely is predictable in that way. I think you’ll see Brennan becoming more protected than she has been,” Deschanel said.

Her confession will also complicate her friendship with Booth’s girlfriend Hannah (Katheryn Winnick). “There’s a lot of internal conflicts in Brennan because she loves Booth and wants to be with Booth, but because she loves him she also wants him to be happy, and he’s happy with Hannah now.”

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Upcoming episodes of the show, which will move to its new timeslot airing after ‘American Idol,’ will include one directed by Boreanaz about a sniper that Deschanel described as “action packed.”

Her plans to direct an episode about a wedding planner’s death were put on hold when producers worried the time she’d need to prep would cut into her character’s screen time.

As much as she’s looking forward to directing in the future, Deschanel said she’d enjoy the break. She makes a practice of not taking work home with her, learning all of her lines on set, even if it means staying late, she said.

As for her future on the show, which is in its sixth season, Deschanel noted she has an eight-year contract. When she started, she thought three years sounded like a long time, but she considers herself lucky to still be part of it.

“But who knows, maybe we’ll go for 11 years and I’ll be like, I’m done!” she joked.

Are you looking forward to next week’s big ‘Bones’ episode? What do you think of Brennan’s revelation to Booth? Too little too late? Or should he ‘dig’ her change of heart no matter what?

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