Anderson Cooper’s Talk Show Gets a Name

Anderson Cooper (Photo: Getty Images)

Anderson Cooper (Photo: Getty Images)

Oprah Winfrey goes by one name, as does Madonna, so why not Anderson Cooper?

Apparently CNN’s star anchor will do just that next fall when his daytime talk show launches under the title “Anderson,” according to The Huffington Post.

After first revealing that Cooper was in talks to host his own daytime show, The Hollywood Reporter is now reporting that Warner Bros. will air “Anderson” in 40 markets, including Los Angeles, New York, Boston and Chicago.

WB executives see Cooper’s new show as having broad appeal, so much so that they are banking on “Anderson” to fill the gap left by Oprah after she departs next year.

“It is a testament to its strength that stations are now rushing to secure the show for their program line-up and that San Diego and Bakersfield will air Anderson in place of ‘Oprah’ next fall,” WB executive Rick Meril said.

Whether or not “Anderson” is a “once in a decade opportunity,” as Meril claims, Cooper is also taking over Oprah’s time slot in Washington D.C. — CNN viewers will still be able to watch their silver fox, as “Anderson Cooper 360” will continue to air on the news network.

Are you looking forward to seeing more of “Anderson”?

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