Ricky Gervais & Jon Stewart Take Jabs at Leno, Hawking

The Daily Show (Comedy Central)

The Daily Show (Comedy Central)

Is it right to poke fun at Stephen Hawking? I guess if you’re Jon Stewart and Ricky Gervais it is. And the pair’s political incorrectness proved to be one of the funniest moments on TV this week.

Gervais was a guest on Tuesday’s “Daily Show,” and the two cracked each other up at the expense of respected theoretical physicist Hawking, who has neuro-muscular dystrophy and “talks” through the use of a computer that generates his voice, and late night host Jay Leno.

Their conversation went a little something like this:

Ricky Gervais: This is the cleverest show ever. It is. Until Stephen Hawking gets his own chat show, this is the cleverest show ever. And, that’s why I love you.

Jon Stewart: Can you stop for a second? Can I have that idea?

Gervais: Yeah. [Cracks up]

Stewart: Can I produce that? I would like to do that show. [Cracks up] I’m just thinking of the monologue…

Gervais: There is a program. [He pretends to type.] You don’t even need him.

[They both crack up.]

Gervais: I love it, as well, at like awards show, he’s there and they wait for him. No! Just have it pre-recorded. No one’s gonna know. Just press a button. You can have the timing so much better. Everyone’s quiet, oh come on, come on. He needs broadband as well.

[More cracking up.]

Stewart: I was just imagining also how Jay Leno would figure out how to f–k him over…That’s terrible. That was not necessary.

Gervais: Jesus. Go on. [Laughs]

Stewart: He’s a nice man. I’m sure that he’s got breaks. He wouldn’t go down the stairs that easily.

Watch it below (Gervais appears at the 13:20 mark) :

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Daily-Show-With-Jon-Stewart/89142/1696626222/The-Daily-Show-12-14-2010/embed 580 476]

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