Are Sami and Nicole the Best Couple on ‘Days of Our Lives’?

Days of Our Lives (NBC)

Days of Our Lives (NBC)

America Loves Sami & Nicole

Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Nicole (Arianne Zucker) are “Days of Our Lives” most popular supercouple.  Ever since the show reignited their feud, its ratings have been slowly but steadily climbing.  Last week, as Nicole prepared to move back into the DiMera manision, giving her unfettered access to Sami’s children, the show surged to its largest total audience since last April (2,607,000 viewers — ahead of all the ABC soaps), as well as hitting number two in the all-important Women 18-49 demo (1.1/7).  In fact, every other soap declined from the prior week — and every soap’s ratings continue to decline from last season.  The “Days” accomplishment is even more impressive, given that last week included several big soap events, including Zach’s funeral on “All My Children” and Sonny and Brenda preparing to have sex with each other for the first time since the 1990s on “General Hospital.”

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The show rose from near the daytime cellar to a strong number two among younger viewers during the original Sami-Nicole babyswitch storyline.  Then, after it ended, the ratings slowly declined again.  I thought “Days” went through a ridiculous number of contrivances to reinsert Nicole into Sami and E.J.’s orbit, but apparently the majority of viewers do not care how the show got there, they just want to see Salem’s two blonde bad girls at each other’s throats.

I will give props to the “Days” writers for the plot twist of Gianni’s current ocular problems. While stories involving young children facing serious illness often depress me so much that I have trouble watching them – and I’m not even a parent – this was a great use of a ripped-from-the-headlines story.  Will (Chandler Massey) noticed a strange spot on Johnny’s eye in photos. In real life, it was a nurse who noticed that there was something wrong with a high school classmate’s child’s eyes while looking at photos on Facebook.   It is not exactly a feel good holiday story, but it is a new twist on the old medical-crisis-brings feuding parents-together plot. Griffin and Aaron Kunitz, the adorable twins who play Little Johnny, are daytime’s best actors under the age of five, and I am delighted that they have been rewarded for their numerous hilarious ad-libs with a meaty storyline.

Who Killed Eddie on “One Life To Live”?

Rest In Hell, Eddie Ford (John Wesley Shipp), you evil bastard.  As entertaining as he was, “One Life To Live”s’ Eddie deserved to die, having committed a staggering number of crimes in a very short time including: kidnapping and threatening to rape Nora, hitting his son James, colluding with Clint, and fathering all three of the Ford boys.  The show leaped forward several hours in time to Eddie lying on the floor of his motel room in a pool of blood, so we have no idea whether many of the characters have alibis.  Here are the probable suspects:

James Ford
Reason he might have done it: He stole Eddie’s gun, and has had flashbacks of pointing it at him.  His father hit him on Thanksgiving,  He was concerned that Eddie was going to seriously injure his older brother, Robert.
Reasons he is not the culprit: The first suspect in a soap whodunnit is never guilty.  The show would not have a second one of Starr’s love interests steal a gun and commit murder.

Nora Buchanan
Reasons she might have done it:Prior to Eddie’s murder, she was a passenger in Rex’s car.  He got into an accident, presumable with Matthew.  When he regained consciousness, she was gone.  She later turned up wandering around in the woods, with blood on her jacket.  She could have done anything in the interim. Nora has ample motivation, given that Eddie kidnapped and terrorized her.  She was traumatized when Rex found her.
Reasons she is not the culprit: Llanview’s District Attorney believes in the law.  She wanted to send Eddie to prison for the rest of his life, not kill him.

Inez Salinger
Reasons she might have done it: Inez was desperate to get out from under Eddie and Clint’s thumbs.  (Though she could have done so by simply telling Bo that Cint was blackmailing her into seducing him.)  Since she was willing to drug Bo and let him think that they slept together, she is clearly capable of immoral acts.  With Bo out cold in her apartment, she could easily have killed Eddie than returned him before he woke up.  She flashed back to looking at Bo’s gun in its holster.
Reasons why she might not have done it: If she was willing to kill Eddie, why not do it sooner and avoid this while mess?  Inez does not seem bright enough to pull off a murder and cover it up.

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Nate Salinger
Why he might have done it: Nate hated his father.  He had just witnessed him beating the hell out of Robert. He flashed back to standing over his body.
Why he is not the culprit: Nate does not have a violent bone in his body.  He loves musical theater, for god’s sake.

Clint Buchanan
Reasons why he might have done it: Clint is becoming increasingly evil.  If he is willing to alter a paternity test so that he will not have to claim Rex as his son, and send David to a Moroccan prison, murder does not seem like much of a stretch.  He hired Eddie to kidnap Nora.  Killing Eddie would keep his role in the kidnapping from coming to light.
Reasons why he might not have done it: Clint is too smart to do something that could result in his spending the rest of his life in prison.  He always gets other people to do his dirty work. Clint told Inez that he arrived at the motel room after Eddie died, and that his hands were clean, though that might mean he hired someone else to do the dirty work.

Matthew Buchanan
Reasons why he might have done it: Matthew hates the Fords because he cannot get over the fact that Dani dumped him for Nate.  He just saw Bo kissing Inez, and was extremely angry.  He called up Danielle and told him Inez was a whore.  It appeared that he crashed his car into Rex’s, but when Rex woke up there was no sign of Matthew or his car. Then he turned up at school the next day and told Destiny he pulled over to avoid an accident.
Reasons why he might not have done it: Matthew is angry and going through a mean phase, but he still has a good heart.   

Reasons why she might have done it: The mysterious Aubrey has clearly come to Llanview with a hidden agenda. It has been established that she met Robert Ford at a film festival in Europe.  Maybe she is secretly a hit woman hired by one of Eddie’s old criminal cronies to kill him.
Reasons why she might not have done it: So much for that love triangle with Kelly.  If Aubrey killed Eddie, she will not be long for Llanview.

Marty Saybrooke
Reasons why she might have done it: Inez just told the crazy shrink that Eddie was a horrible man. She told Natalie that she didn’t care if she went to prison.  She had nothing left to lose.
Reasons why she did not do it: Her motivation is weak.  She would not have known where Eddie was staying.

Todd Manning
Reasons Why He Might Have Done It: Todd hated Eddie because he abused James.  He has committed numerous violent crimes.  His cufflink was found in Eddie’s motel room.
Reasons Why He Did Not Do It: Do we really want to see Todd get away with another crime? Todd’s motives for killing Eddie would be purely selfless, and he always acts in his self-interest.

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