Olbermann Attacked on Twitter, Calls O’Reilly the ‘Worst’

Keith Olbermann, Bill O'Reilly (Photo: Getty Images)

Keith Olbermann, Bill O'Reilly (Photo: Getty Images)

The Twitterverse might think Keith Olbermann a villain for his recent on-air discussion with filmmaker Michael Moore about the rape allegations pinned to WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange, but the MSNBC host thinks Bill O’Reilly is far worse.

This week found Olbermann under attack on Twitter for allowing Moore to seemingly dismiss rape allegations against Julian Assange as being “a bunch of hooey” during a segment on “Countdown” — the attacks became so overwhelming that Olbermann decided to ditch Twitter.

“I’ll suspend this account until/if this frenzy is stopped,” Olbermann Tweeted earlier this week following an online campaign against him, organized by Tigerbeatdown.com.

Later than night, however, Olbermann took to “Countdown” and blasted “The O’Reilly Factor” host for being the “Worst Person in the World” after the Fox News host questioned the idea of giving charity to those less fortunate.

Olbermann said that O’Reilly had a “nonsensical, Catholic-school dropout holier-than-thou cant,” thus earning him the top dishonor.

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