Palin Fires Back, Calls Sorkin’s Criticism ‘Appalling’

Robin Roberts Interviews Sarah Palin on 'GMA' (Photo: ABC)

Robin Roberts Interviews Sarah Palin on 'GMA' (Photo: ABC)

Sarah Palin finally responded Friday to “West Wing” producer Aaron Sorkin’s harsh criticism of her televised takedown of a caribou earlier this month on her TLC series “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

Palin called Sorkin’s comments about her “appalling” right after she claimed she didn’t know his first name was Aaron. “Is his name Alan? I’ve been calling him Alan,” she said with a smile in an interview conducted at her home in Wasilla, Alaska, by Robin Roberts. Their chat was seen on ABC’s “Good Morning America” in three parts Friday morning.

In a blog post for earlier this month, Sorkin nicknamed Palin “Cruella,” called her a “phony pioneer girl” and characterized the caribou-hunting episode of her show as a “snuff film.”

‘West Wing’ Scribe Sorkin Blasts ‘Cruella’ Palin for Hunting Show

“His comment on [the show] I thought was pretty appalling,” Palin said. “He suggested, ‘I could see her doing that if it were for fashion or if it were for … something.’ And I’m like, ‘For fashion? You mean go kill an animal just for the fur?’ I couldn’t believe that that came out of him. I thought that certainly he wouldn’t be that hypocritical.”

Palin’s comment was an interpretation of this passage from Sorkin’s diatribe: “I don’t watch snuff films and you make them,” he wrote. “You weren’t killing that animal for food or shelter or even fashion – you were killing it for fun. You enjoy killing animals.”

The ex-governor of Alaska – whose TLC series will have its sixth episode (of eight) this Sunday night at 9/8c – was dismissive of criticism from Sorkin and others about her hunting expedition. “We eat, therefore, we hunt and I am thankful that I get to feed my kids organic food,” she told Roberts, who asked her why she had to use such a powerful weapon for the caribou hunt. Palin replied: “We can’t bring down an animal with a BB gun.”

Curiously, Palin also took a shot at Sorkin by referring to what she perceives as the prevalence of gunplay in his TV shows and movies. “I think he’s got some of those high-powered rifles in his movies and TV shows, though, and I think those are aimed at human beings,” she said. “Mine is aimed at dinner.”

But a look at Sorkin’s list of credits on the Internet Movie Database ( – where his most recent credit is the Facebook movie “The Social Network,” which he wrote – reveals very few, if any, productions where action sequences involving guns would be prevalent.

So who’s right here – Palin or Sorkin?

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