Katie Couric Contract Talks, Taking a Paycut?

Katie Couric (Photo: CBS News)

Katie Couric (Photo: CBS News)

Despite a report by Bloomberg News that Katie Couric has started talks with CBS over her soon-to-expire contract — it is set to end in May — TheWrap.com spoke to a source close to the situation that claims the anchor has not started negotiations, nor has she agreed to any rumored pay cut.

The notion of a pay cut for Couric, who’s had a somewhat controversial run as anchor of the “CBS Evening News,” is the result of comments made by CBS head Les Moonves earlier this year about the days of high-priced anchors as being a thing of the past, stating that news “no longer generates the kind of revenue or success” necessary for big pay checks.

Katie Couric Could Head to Daytime If CBS Doesn’t Pan Out

Whether or not Couric sticks around CBS — one option might involve a syndicated program carried by the network — her online video interviews will continue, as will her ’60 Minutes’ work, according to a source.

Couric has a “very amicable” relationship with CBS and “has no immediate plans to leave,” according to TheWrap.com, while her spokesman added that “there are no new developments.”

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